'My Town My Pride sees active participation in Srinagar'

The day two of the government’s two-day special urban outreach programme My Town My Pride saw greater number of activities with larger public participation at all eight identified locations where it was held in Srinagar.

An official statement said in an important achievement banks in the district issued disbursement orders in favour of 160 cases of self-employment involving an aggregate amount of 2.2 crore rupees. The disbursement orders were issued out of a total of 221 sanctioned cases involving an amount of 3.8 crore rupees.

In another notable achievement the District Industries Centre Srinagar distributed 18 sponsorship certificates under the Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme or PMEGP amounting to around 110 lakh rupees.

“Service delivery at doorsteps” which was a main objective of the special outreach programme was a key highlight of this unique government initiative in Srinagar where hundreds to thousands of eligible persons were provided relevant services in the spot.  More than 3000 eligible beneficiaries were covered under pension schemes including the National Social Assistance Programme and the Integrated Social Security Scheme during the two-day programme. While 1586 persons were enrolled under the NSAP 1431 persons were enrolled under the ISSS.