NC condemns burglary incident at Zadibal shrine

National Conference on Saturday condemned the despicable incident of burglary at the shrine of Mir Shamas Ud Din Iraqi (RA) in Zadibal here, asking the administration to arrest the miscreants involved in the audacious act without delay.

“It is indeed concerning to see a spike in such incidents. This particular incident should not be seen in isolation as previously also many revered shrines and Guruduwaras were also ransacked by miscreants,” said the party spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar.

He said the law enforcing agencies and police should connect the dots and make public who was behind such incidents. Imran said such incidents were being executed with malafide intentions aimed to disturb amity, peace and brotherhood in the Valley.

“There has been a spike in such shameful incidents.  Such malicious intent to breach amity and brotherhood among various sections of our society is not only condemnable but can have far reaching repercussions. On behalf of my party, I denounce the incident and demand a thorough time bound probe into the incident,” said Imran.

He said Kashmiris have in the past also foiled the nefarious designs of those who want to divide people on sectarian and religious basis.

“Our unity is our great strength. It has been the mainstay of our cultural ethos. It is our collective duty to denounce the ideology and person behind such acts aimed to create wedge between us,” Imran said.