NC seeks compensation for Safa Kadal fire victims

Jammu and Kashmir National Conference senior leader and former speaker JK legislative Assembly Mubarak Gul on Sunday expressed anguish over fire incident at Chai Dob locality of Safa Kadal in Downtown.

“It is heart wrenching to hear of such an unfortunate incident that has devoured a number of houses, many other houses in the vicinity have also incurred many damages. I express solidarity with the affected families. I urge the administration to come to the rescue of the affected by providing them immediate relief in terms of necessary edibles and other household items” Gul said in a statement.

“The prevailing circumstances have added to the miseries of the affected families, it goes without saying how challenging it must be for the affected to come to terms with the loss. It is for the government now to provide succor to the affected families,” he said.

“The government should immediately assess the losses and compensate families as soon as possible. The government is also duty bound to provide for the basic needs of the affected family unless they rise on their feet again by making it a point to provide free ration and financial support to the affected,” he said.