Oppressed resent with violence: Dr Nitasha Kaul

Oppressed resent with violence: Dr Nitasha Kaul

‘We need to document events’

Dr Nitasha Kaul, a renowned writer Monday said, “when authorities refuse to give power to the oppressed, the oppressed resent with violence.”

“Conventionally power and violence are opposite to each other and violence has to be understood under the circum stances it occurs,” Kaul said responding to a question by audience during an event organized by Kashmir Centre for Social Development Studies (KCSDS) at Kashmir University here. 

“Violence and power are opposite conventionally,” she said.   

Referring to writings of Hannah Arendt, she said: “Power has consent to act. Power has authority to act. The violence lacks the consent.”

“When authorities refuse to give power to the oppressed, the oppressed resent with the violence. I am not judging anything as I am not anyone to judge. I am just quoting the political philosophers trying to define relationship between power and violence,” she said. 

Earlier, she spoke about ‘Life Writing: Writing Master’. “Writing is important and it involves thinking which is as important as actions are.” 

She encouraged the young audience to indulge in ‘life witnessing’ which includes, writing autobiographies, biographies, diaries, testimonies and even eye witness accounts. 

She emphasized that having an archive is important, and that there is a challenge in writing that “we either keep for personal record or for publishing.”

“There is a challenge what your writing is going to achieve. Because it gives you the sense of what the history is,” said Dr Nitasha.

Dr Nitasha enlightened the audience about the philosophy which one can go ahead in life with and encouraged them to write and read as well. 

“When we tell stories, stories tell something about us. We might hit boundaries sometimes which may in turn lead to borders. But the good thing is that we get to know where the boundary is and that teaches us a lot in life.”

Dr Nitasha was introduced by Prof Hameeda Naeem, of Department of English, Kashmir University. “Dr Nitasha is a scholar of great repute and an organic intellect. She is mostly writing about the things that concern all of us in present age,” said Hameeda.

Among others from the panel of speakers Dr Tejnath Dhar, and Zareef Ahmad Zarief spoke on the occasion.