Our wards at risk in quarantine homes: Parents

A delegation of parents whose wards are admitted at quarantine centers here expressed concern over the ‘casual approach’ of authorities towards infection control at the accommodations.

“Our wards are being exposed to new entrants every day,” a distraught mother of a female student quarantined at a Srinagar facility said today. Her daughter is housed in a guest house, on the outskirts of Srinagar, where she said. “Today, while my daughter had been quarantined for sixth day, they (authorities) brought in some new people with travel history of Kazakhistan and other affected areas,” she said while expressing concern over the fresh exposure to possible carriers of COVID19.

Another parent, whose ward was recently housed in an uptown facility said the manner in which quarantine is being imposed is putting lives at risk. “If anyone in the quarantine has any symptom, they need to be scooped out but they are not,” he said. He said that he would not be surprised if a positive case infects many in the quarantine facility.

Parents demanded spacious quarantines where one person is housed in one room and regular fumigation of the facilities. “ideally, home quarantine was the best option for our wards, but that was not to be,” one parent said. He appealed the authorities to take the safety of people in quarantine as “utmost priority”.