Overcharging by Sumos leave passengers fuming

Passengers from different areas on the outskirts of summer capital here complained of overcharging by Sumos, accusing the authorities of failing to ensure strict adherence to the rate list.  

The passengers said that the sumo drivers resort to overcharging despite no change in the rates since 2016.

“I regularly travel from Gasso to Lal Chowk and I am supposed to pay Rs 30 as fare. But we are often overcharged and the situation frequently ends up in an argument. The sumo drivers don’t abide by the rate list,” said Amir, a passenger from Gasso.

The passengers also complained about overloading in the Sumos. Another passenger, Showkat Ahmad, said that as per the rules, the middle seat of the Sumo is reserved for three passengers.

But, he said, without caring for the rules, four passengers are pushed into the middle seat. “It becomes very inconvenient particularly when there is a female passenger,” he said.

Regional Transport Officer Kashmir Ikramullah Tak said that there was no change in rate list from August 2016.

“If anyone has any complaint regarding violation of rules, they can contact our ARTOs. We assure that strict action will be taken against erring drivers,” Tak said.

He put the onus of doing away with the menace of overloading on passengers. “We need their cooperation. They should make it a point not to encourage overloading in the Sumo,” he said.