Renzu's Jamaal reaches Bollywood

Renzu's Jamaal reaches Bollywood

I was really excited on going through the wonderful novel by Renzu Sahib. It was such an excellent script that I couldn’t say no but made a comeback.

Former bureaucrat-turned-politician Khawaja Farooq Renzu who in a past stint glossed government’s news making could soon add spice to Bollywood gossip. Reasons: A film based on his novel is all set to hit the Box Office in May marking his entry into cine world with comeback of Faisal Khan.

Chinar, Dastaan-e-Ishq,  adaptation of Renzu’s Jheel Jalti Hai finds superstar Aamir Khan’s younger brother appearing before camera around a decade after his Mela. The upcoming movie shot extensively in Kashmir, especially old City the Shaher-e-Khaas revolves around -Jamaal –the main character, an innocent Kashmiri who ends up being a don. “Though finally hanged, Jamaal lives to be revolutionary, hero.”

“I was really excited on going through the wonderful novel by Renzu Sahib. It was such an excellent script that I couldn’t say no but made a comeback,” Faisal flanked by others in the Chinar crew told a crowded presser in the City Monday. 

Faisal would be seen romancing with debutante Inayat Sharma playing Suraiya. Renzu said “Suraiya  resembles character of controversial Pakistani Journalist MehrTarar.”  

Film director ShariqMinhaj said he discovered the novel in Ajmer when he met Renzu, who is also a poet and author. “I was fascinated by this story and shared it with Faisal and things worked,” the film director said.

Dispelling the notion that any distorted picture of Kashmir would be projected, the crew said, unlike most other movies of post ‘90s era, this one “doesn’t revolve around militancy v/s military.”   “Kashmir is name of spiritualism, culture and love. And this novel has all these colors making the film a hundred percent pure reflection of Kashmir,” Minhaj said.

Added Faisal: “This is why we even ventured into hard core areas of City, including downtown to capture the true culture of Kashmir while locals proved truly friendly and full of hospitality to us.” He said that instead of giving any typical Kashmiri ascent, Jamaal speaks like any modern day man in the movie produced by Rajesh Jain. Chinaralso  casts a new face Shahrukh Khan a 22-year-old from New Delhi.

Faisal however clarified that his was the first movie to shoot in Kashmir after floods and not Katrina’s Fitoor. “Fitoorcame here after Chinar as we have been shooting here for the past around a month.”

Talking to Greater Kashmir on the sidelines of the event Faisal said he had discussed the script with Aamir who was equally thrilled. The original, JheelJalti Hai of ‘80s has already been translated in multiple languages. Three scholars, Renzu said, have done M Phil on it.

Hailing family of Aamir Khan whose recent PK remained a super-hit, Renzu , a former  Director Information said since era of blockbusters like Yadoun Ki Baraat, the Khan family set standards of “elegant film making”. “People like Tahir Hussain Sahib and Nasir Hussain Sahib have set standards of elegance.”  Nasir Hussain made nephew Aamir’s entry super-hit with Qayamat Say QamayatTak.

But then why no igniting words like fire added to this Chinar? Replied Renzu: “I wished word fire or Aatish be deleted from titles of books and films. When you call Aatish-e-Chinaryou set Chinar on fire and sensitive people feel hurt. In line with pure Kashmiriyat and as rightly pointed out by Dr Sir Muhammad Iqbal we certainly do have volcano beneath our feet but let the shade of this majestic tree prevail.”