SMC employees protest Corporators' 'misbehavior' with Commissioner

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Employees at Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) Tuesday observed pen down strike and held protest demonstrations against alleged misbehavior of some corporators with the Corporation’s Commissioner and other field staff.

The protestors assembled under the banner of Municipal Employees Union (MEU) at the SMC headquarters here and raised pro-justice slogans.

The MEU President, Nazir Ahmad Khan told media persons that some Corporators have brought the SMC functioning to grinding halt for “their own vested interests.”

“Some Corporators are abusing the SMC field staff day in and day out. They are making unnecessary interference in daily work. Now, in the latest, one of the Corporators used unparliamentarily language against the SMC Commissioner during a finance planning meeting. We strongly condemn it,” Khan said.

As per the protestors, one of the Corporators was part of the finance planning meeting chaired by acting Mayor Parvaiz Qadri, on Monday.

“Rather than raising any reasonable objection, the Corporators stood up and started using unparliamentarily language against the SMC Commissioner who was also present in the meeting. It shocked everyone,” said an official who attended the meeting.

Acting Srinagar Mayor, Parvaiz Qadri also confirmed the incident:  “The Corporator created the ruckus,” he said.

Qadri said a large number of applications received from public regarding demands of drainage construction and other relevant public works were pending with the SMC because of “unnecessary delays in holding of finance planning meeting, by few Corporators.”

Meanwhile, two Corporators held a press conference at Kashmir Press Club on this afternoon over the issue.