SMC to impose fine on erring poultry dealers

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The Srinagar Municipal Corporation has decided to impose fine of Rs 10000 on those poultry outlets and dealers who throw their generated poultry waste either on roadsides, city drains or in water bodies

“Such practice is an unlawful activity causing an irreversible damage to the environment and public health and is in violation to the relevant provisions of Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, and Srinagar Municipal Corporation Solid Waste Management Bylaws 2019, and guidelines put forth by National Green Tribunal and cannot be allowed,” SMC said in a statement.

Commissioner SMC Athar Amir Khan has passed on directions that all such outlets, dealers to desist from such unlawful activity immediately. “The violators shall be liable to fine of Rs 10,000/- on every such instance and sealing of business units on continued subsequent offences,” the statement said.

Athar has directed Chief Sanitation Officers SMC, Zonal Sanitation Officers and Sanitary Inspectors to ensure no such violation takes place.

Meanwhile SMC is also offering a Poultry Waste Collection service in Srinagar which is available on monthly chargeable basis. “The outlet owners/ dealers can get in contact with the respective ward offices for booking of service,” the statement added.