Srinagar courts to hear cases via virtual mode

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With surge in COVID19 positive cases in the summer capital, Srinagar District Court has resumed proceedings via virtual mode.

In this regard, the Principal District and Sessions Judge Srinagar MA Chowdhary has issued an order, keeping the physical hearing in abeyance.

“In compliance of the J&K High Court, the physical hearing of the cases has been kept in abeyance for the time being and the hearing of the cases in the District and Subordinate Courts shall be conducted through virtual mode till 18 April 2021,” the order reads.

However, as per order, the liberty has been granted to counsel for both the parties for taking up their respective matter through physical mode subject to their consent.

“On the written consent for physical appearance, the Presiding officer of the concerned court taking into consideration the urgency involved, apart from virtual hearing, may, where counsel for the parties in person involved give their consent to appear for physical hearing, permit physical hearing in Criminal trials where accused is/are in custody,” it reads.

It further said that matters related to matrimonial, cases under Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act, compromise matters or in any other matters, as deemed desirable in the courts under its jurisdiction may permit physical hearing.

With regard to the Motor Accident claims pending before MACT, the parties shall approach to the Presiding officer MACT directly through virtual mode for grant of permission for appearance physically.

Besides for filing of the fresh Petitions, as per order, it shall be incumbent upon all Presiding Officers to get the Petitions, so received by them through virtual mode, generated at the Institution/Filing counter so that the file is properly diarized on CIS.

For further enquiry regarding written consent for physical appearance, concerned person shall contact any of the officials of e-court section.

The numbers for contacting e-court section are: Faheem Manzoor, system officer 99067 33228; Ahmed Hussain, system assistant 9682191946 and Helpline number 9419344448.