Srinagar to have its first ever drainage master plan

The summer capital Srinagar is soon going to have its first ever drainage master plan aimed to help revamp its existing drainage network.

Mayor of Srinagar, JunaidAzimMattu said that Srinagar will be one of the few cities across India to have this kind of futuristic master plan dedicated to drainage only.

He said that tenders in this regard have already been floated at the national level. “We have got good response and many reputed national and international firms have responded,” he said.

“So far, we used to build the drainage networks without having a master plan to guide us. It often kept us from getting the desired results,” he said.

Mattu said the new master plan will be holistic and will act as guide for all future drainage projects in Srinagar. “This will help us in revamping our existing network and also provide a plan for our future works which are yet to be taken up.”

He said that once the master plan is prepared “we will ask the government for funds and everything will be implemented in a scientific way for best results.”

A senior official from Srinagar’s drainage wing said that Srinagar lacks a full-fledged plan for drainages.

“There are countless areas where unplanned urbanization is done. This makes the population suffer. This master plan will be a guide to implement all the drainage works in accordance to a single network plan. This plan will cater not only to existing infrastructure but will include the upcoming residential areas,” he said.

“This is being done to keep a plan at disposal which will be scientific, technical and feasible to our topography. This master plan will include all the future plans that will be added to the drainage network,” he said.

“The plan will be made keeping in view the flood prone areas and help in saving the water bodies of Srinagar which have become a dumping site of existing drainage network.”  

The official said even if the work on projects will be done in stages, the master plan will help in investing the funds in a proper way for future needs.