Sunday Market back to business after 8 months

After remaining closed for eight months due to COVID19 pandemic, the Sunday Market reopened today in Srinagar.

The street vendors had set up their stalls while ensuring social distancing. The sellers and buyers were seen following COVID19 safety guidelines.

The vendors and the visitors expressed delight over its reopening. “I am here to look for some warm clothes. Today, it is easy to find out the clothes of your choice on cheap prices and that is what makes this flea-market great,” said Nadeem Ahmad of Mehjoor Nagar.

“Large number of people prefer to have different products from Sunday Market. The market offers all varieties to customers at low prices,” said Tariq Ahmad, a shopper.

Zahoor Ahmad, a vendor said that children are buying toys, youth are looking for jeans and jackets. He added that cushions, warm blankets, curtains and all other necessary items are available in flea-market.

“There is good business today as is indicated by the rush of the customers,” said Bilal Ahmad, a vendor of readymade clothes.

There were also makeshift tea stalls and food outlets. Suhail Ahmad, a shopper said the availability of readymade eatables enhances enjoyment of shopping. He said that people who visit this market, usually walk on foot from one end to another, to ensure they check every available stock to choose the best buy.

The weekly market stretches from Tourist Reception Center (TRC) to Polo View area, a distance of half a kilometre.

The continuous closure has caused losses to the vendors whose sole source of income is selling products in this market.

The market was closed in March this year after the outbreak of coronavirus.