Three months on, flood-victims cry for free ration

Three months on, flood-victims cry for free ration

Naik Bagh is not alone. Flood victims of many localities are yet to get any free ration while elsewhere people complained of chaos in ration distribution.

Abu Bakr Colony was badly hit by September 2014 floods when waters gushed into first floors of thousands of residential houses in the City. Nearly three months on, the flood victims of this locality are yet to get any free ration as assured by the government.

Abdul Majeed Malik, President Mohalla Committee Abu Bakr Colony at Naik Bagh said not even  a of morsel of free rice has been distributed in the locality. “We have been left to fend for ourselves,” the locals said.

Naik Bagh is not alone. Flood victims of many localities are yet to get any free ration while elsewhere people complained of chaos in ration distribution.

The flood victims alleged that free ration was provided only to those localities where people took to streets. “Elsewhere in areas like ours no ration has been distributed even though we have been doing rounds and rounds of ration ghats only to be abused by the Ghat Mushis,” said residents of Sir Syed Avenue- A Pir Bagh while similar complaints poured in from adjoining Omarabad.

While some localities like these are yet to get any free ration, elsewhere the victims said less ration has been given."We have been given only 50 Kgs and subsequently only 30 Kgs of ration, whereas supply for  November is awaited even in the last week of the month,” said a delegation of locals from Karan Nagar.

They accused the concerned of playing tricky. “For ration distribution these Babus have made protests a yardstick. They don’t bother about those who don’t fight for their rights and ultimately end up unduly grabbing tons of ration,” said an insider.

Inhabitants of areas like Maisuma said free ration distribution didn’t suffice needs of their families. “Our ration card of nine members is in the name of my aged father. The 30 Kgs of free ration which we were given got exhausted within week. What logic did authorities use  in ration distribution that people will have to starve if they bank on so called free ration?” asked  Hilal Ahmed Kashkari a tailor by profession.

This married man in ‘40s  with own family of four said he was never given a separate ration card. “We are being forced by these erring officials to remain dependant on single ration card which never suffices our needs,” he added.

In most of the cases people accused the Ration Ghat storekeepers of fraud in ration distribution. “Storekeepers run a nexus with their seniors while concerned police stations are party to such frauds,” the flood victims alleged adding the “only time we get patient hearing on ration woes is when we stage Dharna on roads.”

Another big issue is that despite assurance from the government that all flood-it families irrespective of bearing ration cards or not would be given free ration, those who don’t own ration cards are not given any.

A senior official in the Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution (CAPD) Department said ongoing elections remained a main hindrance in smooth distribution of ration. “Most of our staff is busy with election duties whereas transport is not easily available for the timely distribution of supplies,” said the official asking not to be named.

Director CAPD Bilal Ahmed, however, refuted allegations that any locality was yet to get free ration. “No flood hit locality is uncovered.

We’ve proper record of distribution… These could be some individual cases,” the Director told Greater Kashmir.  “All flood hit families are bound to get their 210 Kgs of free ration and they will get that,” he assured.

To a question that families who don’t have ration card are denied free food-grains, he said the matter was being sorted out. “These families are being listed by us. The list is in the final stage and we will get it approved by the DC soon,” the Director said adding that the list has been prepared by concerned  after compiling the report of such families.

He said the only issue in listing of such cases was that migrants from other districts had to be alienated from the Srinagarites after which ration would be distributed among the “uncovered Choolas.”


Flood-victims say authorities listens to their ration woes only when they stage roadside protests.

Some flood-hit localities are yet to get any free ration supplies as assured by the government

Victims from affected localities said they didn’t get ration because they didn’t protest

Those who have been given free ration complain of getting lesser quantity of share

Thousands of families who don’t have Ration Cards have been denied free ration till now

Ration Card holders not getting share as per number of family members but per card

Officials allegedly shielding Ghat Munshis as this lower rung staff allegedly manages frauds at ground level



FAMILY of late Haji Habib Ullah Nadaf of Gogji Bagh who lost their four houses and business ventures to floods didn’t get any free ration.

 “Till now we didn’t get any free ration. When we inquired about by the matter we were told by the Ghat Munshi that someone else might have taken away our share and so we found it futile to argue for our share as we are already into lots of troubles which this devastation brought for us,” complained Muhammad Abdullah Nadaf one of the flood victims from the family.

  Similar complaints were voiced by some other locals from the locality