2 commercial establishments raided for GST evasion in Jammu


Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI), Jammu and Kashmir Regional Unit carried out searches at Wave Mall and Safa Valley Apartments in Jammu.

Officers from DGGI Jammu and Chandigarh led by Iftakhar Ahmed Chowdhry, Deputy Director, DGGI, and Jammu and Kashmir conducted search and seizure operations against M/S GS Mall (Wave Mall) and Safa Valley, Bathindi in connection with intelligence developed regarding various violations of GST law being done by these two business entities.

“During the search operations, many irregularities were found in accounts of developer of Safa valley which was resulting in evasion of GST. The developer has accepted the irregularities and deposited around 4.5 crore to Government accounts immediately. Further investigations are being carried out to estimate the total evasion,” a spokesperson said.

“Regarding searches carried out at offices of owners and developers of M/S Wave Malls Pvt Ltd by DGGI officers detected many irregularities, which include wrong GST payments by way of concealed data, irregular input tax credit and some other legal irregularities. Initial estimates show that GST evaded may be in crores in this case. Further investigations are on to finalise the total amount,” it added.