Correcting the course

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The world doesn’t stay the same. When it appears that nothing moves, suddenly a gust of wind throws even the firm believers in status quo off balance. On his first day the new US president, Joe Biden, undid many of the decisions that were taken by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

At the time Trump took those decisions, people thought that it was the end of the decades longs processes that entailed the exact opposite of what Mr Trump was doing.

No one knew that it was a temporary disruption and the world will be back on the same track it has opted for itself, of democracy and humanitarian relationship. The case in point is the lifting of visa ban, and also abandoning the project of walling out Mexico.

The question here is this: even if there are occasional disruptions, the world should never cease to move towards the ideal of a global humanity. Not just for the sake of global flow of capital, and for extending markets into newer territories, but for the purpose of strengthening the human bonds. And these human bonds transcend borders, and other man made barriers. The global community need to stay alive to the higher ideals of becoming the members of the same family. 

In every country, and in every human society the work on this ideal must go on. We must see each other as a fellow human being rather than as an adversary. It is high time that the global atmosphere is drained off all the toxicity that has crept into it for last some years.

To this end the global leadership need to stick to the higher ideals of justice and fair play. And to achieve this end the transnational institutions need to be strengthened and their working ensured on the principles of democracy and freedom. 

Rather than fighting amongst us, it is better that we all forge an alliance against hunger, poverty, violence and ignorance.  All countries will benefit from this, and the world will be a happy place to live in. The global societies and the leadership that exists there has a huge task at hand. If it is not accomplished the dangers ahead are too big to be handled. The entire world will have to pay the price if we don’t correct the course.