Editorial | About the Flyovers

The two flyovers which had been under construction for quite some time have finally been thrown open to public. Only a section of the Jahangir chowk fly over is yet to be completed and commissioned. The commissioning of these flyovers has definitely eased the movement of traffic. The roads under the flyovers too have been macadamized and these too are helping in the flow of the traffic. The grade separator near the Tourist Centre is partly functional and may be completed soon. These innovations will help the movement of traffic in the civil lines and also the movement from and to the airport will be quite hassle free and smooth. It is hoped that these projects will not be an end in themselves but some more innovative ideas would be put into practice to streamline the traffic especially the congestion at major crossings. Most important aspect of improving the traffic flow is the streamlining the movement of the buses and minibuses especially the habit of dropping and picking up passengers at every few steps as per the free choice of the drivers. The passengers too have a bad habit of stopping these vehicles anywhere they like.

This irregular picking up and dropping off of passengers by buses and small vehicles randomly anywhere needs to be strongly curbed if the traffic has to move smoothly. While on the subject of flyovers one needs to emphasize that the get up of these needs to be improved especially the vacant spaces under these need to be gainfully utilized. Usually, these can be turned into beautiful green spots with some flower beds. If left unattended, these will become garbage dumps! The roads below the flyovers are also being developed. If the traffic on these is properly regulated, there will be no congestion. While one is discussing the subject of traffic engineering, it needs to be emphasized that innumerable cuts in the road dividers need to be avoided and the existing ones blocked. The drivers need to follow the roads till crossings or junctions. . This is the traffic rule everywhere. One can neither turn back in the middle of the road nor is anywhere the choice to turn round before a traffic crossing as there are no cuts in the dividers. If one misses the crossing, one should have to go to the next crossing to turn and not turn in the middle of the road. Let us hope the initiators of the flyovers keep other aspects of traffic engineering in view to ensure the smooth flow all-round the city. That would be real contribution initiated by these flyovers!