Editorial|There is a world beyond pessimism

It needs courage and clarity to break the cycle of violence. It’s a daunting task. It required political wisdom. The examples are littered world over we have where a region was pulled out of the morass of violence by the political leadership of the day. The most functional instrument to do this is to establish the institution of dialogue. This is what all the violent spots in the world right now requires. Though there is a deep cynicism that has crept into the recesses of global society and polity, but there is no other way than to insist on a process of a dialogue that is result oriented. It’s true that for last sometime there have been experiments that failed, but that is no reason why another experiment is not carried out. The only caution to be observed is not to repeat the mistakes of the past. The history of political dialogue in the recent times is very depressing, and that is something all of us know. It is true that it generates pessimism.

But even then the political leadership of the entire globe will have to think of a renewed process of political engagement. It is more important in case of the powerful nations, and states. The leadership below the level of state, though their role right now is meagre and marginal, is often found endorsing a political dialogue that is result oriented. In this situation it is the responsibility of the political leadership, and the state institutions, of the all countries to take measures that save the world from plunging into further crises, and the world from slipping into a bottomless pit of violence. The only thing that can save our region from such a fate is a bold initiative at the top. Any delay in such an initiative will lead to more damage to life and property, and will generate newer cycles of human tragedy. Here it is pertinent to mention that the irresponsible rhetoric unleashed by some political persons adds fuel to the fire. We need to put a stop to it. The global civil society also needs to come forward and contribute to making states more responsible. A note of hope, and a dose of courage can keep this world afloat on the water of peace.