Friday Focus | Human relationships reign supreme

Human relationships reign supreme in Divine Scheme of things. The supremacy is stressed in Quranic revelations:

‘’That is good news God gives to His servants who believe and do good deeds. Say, I ask of you no wages for it, except affection for the near of the kin. Whosoever does a good deed, We will increase its goodness for him. God is Forgiving and Appreciative.’’ (42: 23)

 The verse opens with a message of Bounties and Blessings, of which God conveys Glad Tidings to those of His servants who believe in Divine Laws and accordingly indulge in righteous deeds. The messenger—Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is asked to convey that Allah (SwT) wants nothing in return for His Bounties and Blessings, except exhibiting due regard to human relationships, and expressing love for near and dear ones.

Exhibiting due regard for human relationships and expression of love for near and dear ones is taken to be a good deed in Divine Scheme of things. It would be rewarded by compounding the goodness.  While God is Forgiving, as and when forgiveness is asked for with a sincere intent, He is also Appreciative of good deeds, as and when performed.

Allah (SwT) has fair measure of sincerity of intent, as ordained:

‘’Or do they say, He forged a lie about God. If God so willed, He could have sealed your heart, but he obliterates the false, and confirms the true by His words. He Knows what is in the hearts’’ (42: 24)

Vis-à-vis the message, it was said that the Divine Code has been fabricated, the act of fabrication attributed to the Messenger (pbuh). Had God so willed, he could have put a seal over the heart thus make falsehood or the truth imperceptible. Instead Allah (SwT) obliterates the falsehood, and confirms the truth by His words, carried in His message by the Messenger (pbuh).