Heavenly Souls

Greater Kashmir

Life is a beautiful gift endowed by the Creator. Its beauty lies in beautiful deeds. Good deeds add beauty to life and bad deeds make it an ugly thing. Men of large fortunes can not survive more than the fixed span and the poor can not die before the set span of life. It is fixed and can not be altered. History has witnessed so many powerful men and women in the world who had piles of wealth and large kingdoms, but the sword of time devastated their thrones. Today, they are not remembered anywhere in the world. It depicts that the establishment of multinational companies and accumulation of fortunes have nothing to do with the living souls. Living souls are those souls who dedicate themselves to the noble cause of humanity. Wealth stays in the world and its masters change. Every human being is finally wrapped in a shroud. It is the karma or good deeds that matter.

Generosity is a noble passion that keeps a person alive even after death. In the divine book, Almighty Allah has called such souls the heavenly souls. It says, Indeed man was born with a restless disposition. When evil befalls him he is filled with self-pity, but blessed with the good fortune he grows niggardly. Not so the worshippers who are steadfast in their prayer; who set aside a due portion of their goods for the needy and the dispossessed; who truly believe in the Day of Reckoning ……….. These shall be in Gardens, honoured.70:19-35

The five important things or deeds that are required to become blissful are; regular prayers, giving alms, chastity, keeping promises, and true witness. Unfortunately, these noble characters are vanishing rapidly from our society.

The true servants of Almighty Allah are those who walk upon the earth modestly and say:’ Peace!’ to the ignorant who address them; who pass the night standing and prostrate in adoration of their Lord; who says: “Lord ward off from us the punishment of Hell, for its punishment is everlasting, an evil dwelling and an evil resting place”, who when they spend, are neither wasteful nor niggardly, but keep the golden mean;

Let’s pledge to avoid profanity and restrain our carnal desires. Let’s be active in charitable work and regular prayers. Let’s pledge to keep promises and bear true witness. Certainly, these characters would make us inheritors of Paradise.

May, Almighty perfect our light for us and forgive us.