Maha witnesses massive surge in Covid cases

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A record of 63,000 Covid-19 cases in few days has triggered panic among people in Maharashtra as towns and cities across the state continue to witness significant surge.

Even as on Wednesday the total number of cases reported stood at 58,952, the situation remained grim as the death toll rose to 278 while the number of cases till date stood at 35,78,000.

Thousands of patients with asymptomatic and mild-symptoms were directed to home-quarantine while many serious patients’ attendants were seen rushing them to hospitals across the State.

To add to their woes, there has been shortages of oxygen, ventilator beds and critical medicines such as Remdesivir.

Families, relatives of patients have been going through harrowing time while running errands for critical medicines and searching for beds.

A few patients are getting them while others are left to fend for themselves.

Report said that a serious patient from Chandrapur had to travel 400 km in 24 hours from Varora-Chandrapur-Telangana-Chandrapur due to shortage of oxygen.

Similarly in Ahmednagar district last week, mass funeral took place with rites of 42 Covid-19 victims performed in a day.

According to reports, relatives had to wait for burials and cremations in Nanded and Ahmednagar. In Nanded 23 bodies were cremated in six hours while relatives of 13 dead had to wait for cremation.

Around 20 were buried in a mass grave in Ahmednagar, reports added.

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