NYCs seek release of pending wages

Hundreds of National Youth Volunteers (NYCs) working in various departments haven’t been paid wages for the past one year. The candidates are now apprehensive about their future in their respective departments. “We are paid Rs 2500 per month, but for past one year we haven’t got the wages,” said a group of NYCs. While demanding equal pay for equal work, the NYCs said they have been subjected to metal trauma ever since their adjustment in different government departments in March 2018. “In April 2018, we were re-engaged under SRO- 520 under the guidance of director general Youth Service and Sports. The J&K government decided to change the job policy for NYC employees for the welfare of the department for Youth service and sports and formed the committee to decide the job policy of NYC employees,” said one of the candidates. He said the committee convened several meetings to come up with the proposal for job policy for the NYCs.

“But nothing concrete happened on the ground and we continue to face discrimination even when we are rendering services in our respective departments,” he said. The NYCs said most of them were recruited after completing their post-graduation. Some of them have even qualified NET as well. “But we literally face humiliation as we have to ask our parents for our pocket money and other expenditures despite working in department for more than a year now,” said a candidate. The NYCs said the delay in release of their wages has pushed them to state of depression. “Our families are at the verge of starvation. How we can manage our family expense with Rs 2500. Even this meagre is not released on time,” they said, and added that the government should consider their situation and announce a hike the wages. They appealed the Governor Satya Pal Malik to instruct for framing a job policy for them and release of their pending wages.