Pencak Silat, Ice Hockey among 5 sports brought under job SRO in JK

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Jammu and Kashmir Government on Tuesday issued an order bringing in five more sports disciplines under SRO category that entitles meritorious sportspersons a government job. The sports disciplines of Pencak Silat (martial art), Baseball, Netball, Ice Hockey and Triathlon have been added to the list.

In this regard, an order was issued by the Commissioner, Secretary to the Government, GAD, Manoj Kumar Dwivedi on Tuesday. With the addition of five more disciplines, the total number of sports disciplines eligible for job SRO has risen to 44 in J&K. It means any sportsperson in these five sports disciplines is entitled for government job if he or she bags a medal at national level or participates at the international level.

Among these five sports, there are chances that the number of J&K youth may get benefits in Pencak Silat, an Indonesian martial art based in Kashmir. Ice Hockey has a strong base in J&K and in this discipline, several sportspersons would benefit. Triathlon is a tough discipline in which J&K youth have not been able to achieve any worthwhile achievement at the national level while Baseball has the same scenario. In Netball, J&K youth have a chance to do well at the national level and go on to earn jobs under this quota.

While the sportspersons of J&K have welcomed the order, they have also reminded the government that the posts have not been filled for the last four years under sports quota.

“Each year around 50 vacancies are to be filled under sports quota. However, for the last more than four years not a single vacancy has been filled,” a senior sportsperson said. “There were some stay orders on the last order issued and since then not a single sportsperson in J&K has got employment under this quota,” he said.