Sports Council issues transparency guidelines to associations

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The J&K Sports Council (J&KSC) has issued additional guidelines in order to bring “transparency and accountability” in the functioning of the recognised sports associations in Jammu and Kashmir.

In this regard, the general body cum standing committee of the J&KSC has expressed concern over the “malfunctioning” of some associations and desired that the functioning of the recognised sports associations be “streamlined, their activities monitored, their accounts audited, and their elections conducted in a transparent manner in accordance with the guidelines of the Sports Council”. The additional conditions/guidelines for the sports associations, incorporated under Rule-26 (Recognition to Association), make it obligatory for the office bearers to be free from political affiliations for which they have to submit a “non-political involvement certificate” from the concerned District Magistrate.

The elections to the office bearers shall be held through postal ballot under the supervision of independent/neutral observers to be appointed by the Sports Council. The annual funding shall be made to sports associations on the basis of performance. According to the guidelines, the associations shall hold coaching camps for a period of not less than 21 days for state teams prior to national/zonal level events. The annual inspection/audit of the accounts of sports associations shall be conducted by the Finance Wing of the Sports Council. Besides, the One Time Recognition Few of Rs 50,000 and yearly renewal fee of Rs 10,000 shall be charged from the sports associations.

The guidelines make it mandatory for a sports association to have representation in at least 10 districts of J&K (five districts from Kashmir and Jammu each). The associations are also directed to seek medical fitness certificate from authorised for selected players and provide insurance security to them prior to participation in national/zonal level events. The funding/expenditure of holding coaching camps for state team shall be borne by the sports associations and the Sports Council jointly. Besides many other conditions, the screening of players shall be a two-tier process – shortlisting on the basis of performance in district/state level tournaments; and through open trials in games where tournaments are not held at the district/state level.

The sports associations have been advised to “comply with the guidelines forthwith and update their voter list as early as possible and publish the same in print media for inviting objections”.