Webinar on 'Women Empowerment & Gender Sensitization' held at KU

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The Centre for Women’s Studies and Research, University of Kashmir (KU), in collaboration with University Grants Commission (UGC) New Delhi, conducted a Webinar “Women Empowerment & Gender Sensitization” on Wednesday.

The webinar was conducted by the Centre in continuation of the recently commenced series of lectures and deliberations on varied gender related themes.

The webinar was chaired by Registrar KU, Dr Nisar A Mir. He reflected upon the sensitivity of the issue and gave a comprehensive account of how the gender inequality has been a pre-existing phenomenon since the ancient times.

Calling gender inequality a universal phenomenon, Mir laid emphasis upon the importance of creating sensitization about the issue, particularly about the manifestations of it at workplaces.

The speaker of the event was Prof N Manimokalai, Dean Faculty of Arts, Head and Founding Director, Centre for Women’s Studies Bharathidasan University. She gave a detailed talk on the dynamics of gender sensitization and its values for human existence.

The speaker reflected upon the need to talk about multiple inequalities that exist in the society and analyze the same.

In her inaugural speech, the facilitator of the webinar, Coordinator, Centre for Women’s Studies and Research, Prof Tabasum Firdous welcomed all the participants and reflected upon the importance of gender sensitization for women empowerment.

While presenting the vote of thanks and concluding remarks Prof Firdous expressed conviction of the significance of gender sensitization in eradicating the phenomenon of gender inequality effectively.

She also thanked the chairperson for his encouraging remarks for the event and the speaker for her comprehensive presentation.

Some of the students also shared their views on the theme. Besides, the event was attended by a large audience comprising faculty, students of the centre and some faculty members from other Universities of India as well.