Europe reels under heat wave

A heat wave likened to “hell” has been sweeping across Europe disrupting normal life and claiming lives. Forecasters have warned of the record breaking heat wave in the continent in the coming days.

Three swimmers died in France where the temperature is forecast to rise up to 45 degree Celsius, breaking the all-time record of 44.1 degree Celsius in the country.

“The forecast is all about the heat for Europe in the next few days, potentially record-breaking heat across parts of western Europe as we tap into air all the way from northern Africa,” said BBC weather presenter Susan Powell.

“Getting pulled up ahead an area of low pressure, which will get stalled out in the Atlantic. High pressure starts to build, we lose the rain and we tap into that southerly airflow carrying the warm air as far north as the United Kingdom,” she said. A man aged 70 suffered a cardiac arrest in calm water and was believed to have been a victim of “thermic shock” after coming into contact with the water. Two other persons died in similar circumstances. A woman, 62, died at a beach near Montpellier, and a man aged 75 died at another beach nearby.