Anti-Viral fabric launched

City-based Shiva Texyarn on Wednesday launched its anti-viral fabric treated with HeiQViroblock NPJ03, claimed to have been proven to deactivate most pathogens, in the shortest possible time, and said it is eyeing the global market.

The HeiQViroblock is from the Swiss textile innovation leader HeiQ Materials AG and co-distributed with Taiwanese Specialty chemical major Jintex Corporation, Shiva Texyarn Managing Director Dr K S Sundararaman said.

“We have been at the forefront of the PPE response in the country, with our technical textiles Division being amongst the earliest Southern India Textile Research Association Qualified Suppliers of PPE fabric,” he said in a release.

The addition of HeiQViroblock to the company’s manufacturing processes gives it another “formidable technology in the race to provide high tech, comfortable PPE solutions,” he said.

The company was currently in the process of getting various international certifications to target the global marketplace for anti-viral fabrics, he said.

“HeiQViroblock is a special combination of our advanced silver and vesicle technology that has been proven effective against the human coronavirus 229E with over 99.99 per cent reduction of virus. “It is safe and non-toxic. A patent has been filed. We are pleased to launch this for the first time in India on PPE with Shiva Texyarn. HeiQ CEO Carlo Centonze said.