Foundation laying ceremony cancelled in PaK

Greater Kashmir

Muzaffarabad, Feb 8: Whether it’s due to bad weather or security concerns, the scheduled visit of President Pervez Musharraf to perform the groundbreaking ceremony of a power project near the capital of Pakistan administered Kashmir on Saturday has been once again put off.
 However, official sources here said on Friday that the groundbreaking of 969-megawatt Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project was now most likely to be performed in Islamabad, though they were unaware of the ceremony’s exact venue.
 PaK Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan who was to return here from Islamabad on Friday had also changed his programme due to the very reason, sources said. 
 Earlier in the day, all senior government officials were asked through a circular to obtain security passes and ensure their presence at the groundbreaking ceremony of NJHP and a Scouts Cadet College in Chattar Klas, some 20 kilometres south of here along Muzaffarabad-Kohala Road, on Saturday. 
 Many of them heaved a sigh of relief after coming to know that the high security function had been cancelled due to unknown reasons.
 The NJPP groundbreaking ceremony has seen a second cancellation. Earlier, it was scheduled for Dec 29, but had to be postponed in the wake of assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi two days ago.
 The NJHP would give Pakistan water rights over the River Neelum, known as Kishanganga on the other side of Line of Control. Experts say any further delay in its commencement will deprive Pakistan of the prior right to Neelum River because India is also planning to construct a 330 MW power project on the same river.