Hackers on prowl Official website of PaK govt hacked

Greater Kashmir

Muzaffarabad, Nov 30: The official website of the Pakistan administered Kashmir government appears to have been hacked by unknown hackers who have removed all the data placed on it.
 The site (www.ajk.gov.pk) developed by the PaK Information Technology Board now offers “cool and funny jokes” to be surfed through a search engine instead of information about the area, history, traditions, government and institutions of this part of Kashmir.
 An official source told this correspondent here on Friday that alleged hacking had taken place three days ago, but the IT Board appeared to be unaware about it.
 “It seems the IT Board officials do not check the site regularly which is why sometimes most important information about the state is not uploaded on the site in time,” he said.
 This correspondent tried to contact the head of IT Board for his comments but the call was not attended.