Pakistan test fires nuke-capable Hataf IV

Greater Kashmir

Islamabad, Jan 25: Pakistan test fired a nuclear capable medium range ballistic missile Shaheen-1 (Hatf IV) from an undisclosed location Friday.
 According to a military statement, the missile test was conducted successfully at the end of the annual field training exercises of a Shaheen-1 Missile Group (SMG).
 “The indigenously developed missile, with a rage of 700 kilometres is an operationalized weapon system held by Pakistan Army’s Strategic Force Command, which is routinely fired during training exercises by the troops of the ASFC”, the statement said.
 The launching ceremony was witnessed by the Army chief General Ashfaq Kayani, senior military officials and scientists. Speaking on the occasion Kiayani congratulated the officers and scientists on achieving high standards of training and excellence in the field missile technology.
 The COAS said Pakistan had developed a strong nuclear deterrence capability but the country had no aggressive intentions against other countries. Referring to international concerns regarding speculative scenarios, he dismissed such concerns as unrealistic, based on a lack of understanding with regard to Pakistan’s command and control mechanisms.
 He said that the Pakistani Armed Forces were a highly professional, motivated and well trained force and were capable of safeguarding and securing nuclear assets against all categories of threat. The nation stood behind the armed forces. He stressed that creating irresponsible alarm by certain quarters would be counter productive.