Pak's council nod to opening of Saidpur Hindu temple

The issue of constructing a Hindu temple in the heart Islamabad, an issue that was opposed by many religious groups, is now under consideration and review of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), which has recommended that instead of allotting land and constructing a new Hindu temple, an already established temple in Saidpur village in the Pakistani capital should be opened.

“In view of the current population in Islamabad, the ancient temple and the adjoining Dharamshala at Saidpur village be opened to the Hindus and they should be facilitated to reach there to perform religious services as per their beliefs,” the CII statement maintained.

The CII has also given a positive nod for allotting space for setting up a crematorium along with a community centre to hold wedding ceremonies and perform the religious rituals for the Hindu community. The decision of the CII came after hearing arguments and pointers from various applicants, which include religious clerics and representatives of the Hindu community as the Council reviewed the matter at length and in depth. IANS

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