Play role in K-issue resolution: UNIW to int'l community

Greater Kashmir

Assures Full Support To Kashmir Cause

Muzaffarabad, Feb 20: The delegates at an international conference hosted by Istanbul based Union of NGOs of the Islamic World here today urged the international community to play its pivotal role in settling the long-pending Kashmir dispute to the satisfaction of India, Pakistan and the people of J&K.
The conference “Kashmir Dispute and its International Dimensions” was attended by the UNIW representatives from 27 Islamic countries, including Turkey, South Africa, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia.
PaK President Raja Zulqaranin Khan, premier, Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan, KAC chief Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, APHC-G convener Ghulam Muhammad Safi, Syed Yousuf Naseem, were the prominent speakers in the event in which JKLF leader Rafique Ahmed Dar and Dr. Waleed Rasool were also present.
PaK president, Raja Zulqarnain Khan highlighted the Turkish government’s stance over Kashmir. He said the country had supported Pakistan’s principle stance and wants an amicable solution in line with Kashmiris’ aspirations. Khan was of the view that APHC should establish Kashmir center in Istanbul to keep the Turkish people abreast about the Kashmir situation.
Prime Minister, Sardar Attique Khan said Kashmiris want a durable peace in South Asia.
Terming Kashmiris as a peaceful nation, Khan maintained that Kashmiris offer themselves to be the peace bridge between Indian and Pakistan. “We as a nation are not against any country in the region or against any peace initiative”, he said.
Highlighting the international dimensions of the ongoing non-violent movement in Kashmir, Dr. Fai said, “Kashmir is not a fight between Hindus and Muslims, nor it is a struggle between theocracy and secularism”. He said Kashmir was about hopes and aspirations of 16 million people of Kashmir irrespective of religious background and cultural affiliations.
Dr. Fai who is also member of the board of trustees of UNIW said world in general and Indian intelligentsia in particular had accepted the fact that the latest uprising in J&K was indigenous, popular and non-violent.
APHC leaders, Ghulam Muhammad Safi and Syed Yousuf Naseem stressed for the early settlement of the Kashmir dispute and said Kashmiris had offered great sacrifices for their cherished goal.
The Conference adopted over a dozen resolutions demanding international community to settle the issue peacefully.
Others who spoke on the occasion included Ahmed Azam Abdu-ur-Rehman from Malaysia, Abdul Hameed Almzaroo from Saudi Arab, Ali Kurt Turkey, S M Rashidu Zaman from Bangladesh, Achmat Sadiq from South Africa.