A life dedicated to knowledge

Allama Iqbal’s life and works had a great impact on Qadri’s life
A life dedicated to knowledge
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The valley of Kashmir has been bestowed with bliss of natural scenes. In addition to that Kashmir has its own rich culture of literature. To this beautiful land, a large number of sophisticated intellectuals, scholars, writers and poets have added the beauty by their talent.

Mr Nazir Ahmad Qadri was one of such talented, well learned, full of knowledge lover of the mother land, who dedicated his whole life to writing on different subjects which included social, religious and biographies of great personalities.

Nazir Ahmad Qadri was a noble soul, soft hearted and less talkative person. He was born on 27th of Aril 1944 in Nalbandpora, Safakadal area of Srinagar. His father’s name was Muhammad Amin Qadri and mother’s name was Aisha Qadri. Both his father and mother were spiritual, and were socially active. He used to visit far flung areas of the valley for Islamic teachings. In the year 1948 Amin Qadri was advised by his own Murshid (teacher) to migrate from his ancestral home to Pattan area of district Baramulla. Though obeying his Murshid Amin Qadri migrated from Nalbandpora to Ganjipora village of Pattan Tehsil, along with his wife and two children, four year old Nazir and two year old daughter, Saleema.

Nazir Ahmad Qadri started his education from Govt. Middle School Pattan. From very adolescent age he was interested in literature that grew with age. He passed his class 8th exams and joined class 9th with Persian, along with other subjects. He passed his class 10th with flying colours, after that he joined S.P college, M.A Road Srinagar.

He gives the credit to his teachers Sheikh Noor-u-din, Ghulam Mohammad Mir and Mohammad Saif-u-din Sidiqi. Qadri completed his masters in English and the education, B.ed and M.ed all from university of Kashmir.

Qadri was appointed as a teacher and his first job appointment was at Uri, Baramulla. After which he performed his duties in various schools of Tehsil Pattan, including GGHs Pattan, G.H.S Nihalpora, G.H.S Singpora. Finally he retired from his post as Headmaster G.H.S Palhallan in 2002.

He was not only a teacher, but a scholar, writer and a freelance journalist. In 1984 he published a monthly magazine “The Topaz” which touched upon the social, religious and political issues in its unique way.

Mr. Qadri never stopped his writing which included religion, history and social topics. He was a furbished writer. His works include “My Kashmir My life” (a beautiful picture of Kashmir past to present), Allama Anwar Shah “Pride of Kashmir” which was published in Urdu by the name of Fakhre Kashmir. Also “Raet ke Doray”, a frictional prose.

The Pride of Kashmir invoked good praise and was glorified by Alama’s son Alama Anzar Shah Kashmiri; I quote.

“Although a lot of prosographies have been written in Arabic, Persian, Bengla languages. Where knowledge soaked rather flooded, but there was a void, a language which is European in origin but is internationally accepted. My brother, a famous journalist Mr. Nazir Ahmad Qadri, Kashmir’s apprehension and grip on his pen which touches the skies, couldn’t brush aside, the personality like Anwar Shah (R.A) and a wish came true.” (Pride of Kashmir)

This manifests the acuity of the author and his grasp on language. This book exhibits all the strands of Alama’s life.

Another famous bibliomaniac Dr Riyaz Tawheedi writes (translated from urdu) and I quote.

“It doesn’t only illustrate the illuminated and elevated quarters of great Allama which is no doubt worth applause, but it can prove as initiation in the academic and scholastic institution of west, about the genius.”

Mr Qadri’s another book in urdu Suradiqat is one of the master pieces by the pen of the late author. A pronounced scholar of Islam Manzoor Ahmad Nayeemi says:

“Mr Qadri gifted me Suradiqat. I was surprised by the name. I wandered here and there for the meaning but couldn’t find; at last once while reciting Surah Kahf I converged on the word Suradiqah; I was overwhelmed to find the apprehension level of the author.”

Allama Iqbal’s life and work had a great impact on the Qadri’s life. He loved the poetry and prose of the great poet from the core of his heart and used to study it. He often used to tell me about Allama Iqbal and Khwaja Moinudin Chasti (RA), and used to encourage me to study Allama Iqbal’s literature. He used to say that I have found Tawheed (the ones of Allah) Khudi (Self respect and self morale) and Ishqi Rasool (love for prophet Muhammad S.A.W) in the Alama’s compositions and verses.

Nazir Qadri was a noble person. His disciples are spread all over the valley, as he was a spiritual charisma too, and his spiritual guide was his father. He also used to meet various ulema of the valley for gaining knowledge.

Although his private and personal life was not that untroubled and he met various difficulties in his life; he lost his son Basit in the prime of his youth , which made him desolate and upset. It was a misery he grieved all his life, but he defeated the depression and continuously spread the magic of his words whose meaning touched the skies.

He was well read well learned erudite, a cultivated and well educated writer. An institution in himself. Although he was not celebrated as much as he deserved while he was alive but he will be remembered by a fair number of people who knew him. He was a great educationist, a marvellous guide and a perfect father.

This noble soul met his Lord on 19th May 2021 after a brief illness. May Allah grant him highest place in Paradise. Aameen

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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