A Rice-Cooker for Diabetics: Innovators seek support

A Rice-Cooker for Diabetics: Innovators seek support
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A group of students, guided by a scientist at Kashmir University have patented a “Diabetic-friendly Rice Cooker”. They seek support to make the innovation commercially viable.

Five students along with the Scientific Officer from University of Kashmir have invented “Starch-Free Rice Cooker for Diabetic Patients”. The device provides starch controlled rice. As per the group, the main goal of this invention is to separate the starch from rice, a technical take on the traditional method of rice cooking in Kashmir where the rice water is drained. The equipment uses an electro-mechanical system to accomplish the task.

“The proposed device will cook food on a single text message sent even remotely for multiple persons and will monitor the starch status of rice being cooked. It will consistently screen the starch status and will drain it out during the cooking process,” the innovators said. In this manner the Rice Cooker will give us starch free rice, the need of hour these days, they said. The device has inbuilt rice bowl and water tank which are controlled utilizing controllers and hence no physical mediation is required while cooking or keeping the prepared food warm. The rice cooker is completely programmed and configured to receive predetermined input commands from a mobile phone to cook rice for a particular number of person(s) ranging from 1 to 12.

The device is controlled by GSM and IoT based technology and can be used to prepare rice for all kinds of health status people, the healthiest included. The cooker is designed as such that it prompts the user whether to suck out the starch from rice or retain it for those who are looking at some extra calorie intake.

It is equipped to cater to people who are out of homes and can give them fresh rice ready when they get back from work, sports, or outing. All it needs is a Single Text from Mobile Phone or other and it will get cooking.

The Patent Authority of India has accepted and published the details of the patent by the above mentioned inventors in the journal of patents against journal number-44/2021, Journal Date : 29/10/21.

The inventors of this technology are Jehangir Hameed Lone, Sajid Noor, Ariez Koul, Imran Nazir, Azraw Hussain and Dr Bilal Ahmed Malik.

Jehangir Hameed Lone pursuing M.tech from department of Electronics & Instrumentation at University of Kashmir, Sajid Noor is currently an Engineer at a private company. He along with social innovator Khan Arshid Iqbal from Parimpora had also innovated a Low Cost Frugal Internet based Ventilator, Touchless Hand Sanitizer and Face Splash Guards during Covid-19 Pandemic. Their Innovations were awarded in an open innovation Challenge conducted by NIT Srinagar which were evaluated by Doctors & Engineers.

What innovators seek ?

“We need support from government /private companies / Entrepreneurs in order to convert our prototype into a marketable product which will benefit the local as well as national / International populace. For our past innovations we lack support from government and other sectors and result in no development of our innovations, henceforth we got demoralized,” they say. “This time we are having high expectations from government & from private sectors that they will aspire us to do more for our nation,” they add.

Their appeal: Within a region's production system, there should be an institutional infrastructure that fosters innovation. It should be able to function independently of government/semi-government/private organizations. A system (group) of firms active in developing and manufacturing sector products, as well as generating and leveraging sector technologies, should also exist; such a system of firms is coupled in two ways: through processes of interaction and cooperation in artifact-technology development, and through processes of competition and selection in innovative and market activities. This will benefit local inventors and respective societies, regardless of background, gender, or region, while also assisting local individuals in earning a living and making the community and our nation self-sufficient.

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