Ahead Of The Trends

How Srinagar based jewellery brand is winning accolades after setting up its legacy in service delivery
Ahead Of The Trends
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Prominent Srinagar-based jewellery brand and retail outlet, M.A Gojwari and Son—who was recently awarded the prestigious International Business Award (IBA) in the product delivery services, says that the “exclusivity of their craft and its craftsmanship” was vital for their enterprising services.

Owner of the award-winning jewellery outlet in Srinagar, Shabir Afzal Gojwari, told Greater Kashmir, that the gold market across is steeped in tradition and still highly fragmented. However, over the last few years, the industry has become more organised and regulated in India. Although small independent retailers still dominate the landscape, the market share of chain stores (national and regional) has increased steadily during the last decade.

“We see a lot of trends in fashion and other traditional jewellery sectors. So accordingly, we too have to keep changing. Also, listen to the customer’s feedback and satisfaction,” says Gojwari.

“In every sector wherever you are making your profits. If you aren’t adventurous and daring. You tend to lose the market. You tend to go obsolete.  At our brand, we focus to keep our creative flourishes as our direct reflection.”

Gojwari says cultural legacy plays a vital role in promoting traditional designs and crafts.

“When you are engaged in the culture and traditional discourses, Jewellery is one of the important initial things to show up in our conversations,” he says. “Jewellery has been around us humans for thousands of years, from ancient civilization to modern society, it has helped us express our emotions and beauty along with our beliefs.”


Gojwari says that in Kashmir or elsewhere, the jewellery is seen as a transformative piece that highlights the natural beauty of its wearer, this was the purpose for wearing jewellery then and is still now. “Men and Women alike wear Jewellery to symbolize different aspects of their lives; whether it is a religious belief, wisdom, elegance, prosperity, social status and security, love or identities. We have to always remain ahead of the trends to cater to the growing needs of the customers,” he says.

Days after Gojwari & Son was chosen for the International Business Award (IBA) in the category of best jewellery brand and retail outlet from Jammu and Kashmir, making it the first ever outlet to receive the prestigious award, the outlet was presented yet another ‘Wedding Icon Honour Award, which was presented at Mumbai.

Speaking on the occasion, Shabir Afzal Gojwari, recalled his experiences of serving thousands of customers in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere. He said that the exclusivity of their craft was lauded by all in the field of jewellery.

“The exclusivity of our craft and its craftsmanship is loved by our clients. We thank each one of you for choosing us,” he said. “And a special mention to my family and especially my grandfather, Haji Abdullah Joo Gojwari and Haji Muhammad Yousuf Gojwari, whose vision is now being appreciated and loved globally.”

He said that over the years the brand has achieved excellence in design and its craftsmanship is unique.

“Any amount of effort taken to recognize and award such excellence is important for us as a brand and for all our team. The uniqueness of our jewellery design and craftsmanship has a history of over several decades so much so that it has become an integral part of our tradition and culture. We at our outlet always aim to preserve it with the utmost professionalism,” he said, adding that over the last few years, M A Gojwari and Son has embarked on a beautiful journey of commemorating exquisite jewellery pieces in workmanship.


“Times have changed. Today’s generation wants everything according to their taste and aesthetics. We try to bring in that element and help them enjoy that phase of their life. I am honoured that to honour the work of our craftsmen and their hard work, our work has been acknowledged and praised by one and all.

“Our brand, M.A Gojwari and Son main is a legacy of over 100’s now which was initiated by my forefathers; a sign of royalty and elegance. Our motto since its inception has been distinctiveness and quality,” says Gojwari. “We have been working throughout these years to make and deliver the best to our customers. My grandfather Haji Abdullah Joo and my father, Haji Afzal Gojwari and my uncles have together worked to make it class apart and I seek to continue the same.”

He says “We deliver what the trends demand, however, with our own unique touch that makes every jewellery design the finest in its own way.”


Gojwari says that initially they were just limited to only Jammu and Kashmir, however, they expanded their business venture through different tie-ups with renowned designer houses in Delhi. “Apart from this, we as a brand have gone global too as we have a huge chunk of customers from USA and Dubai, purchasing all kinds of jewellery, majorly Polki and diamonds from us.”

“It’s a moment of pride to receive the two prestigious awards, IBA for Best jewellery brand and retail outlet in Jammu and Kashmir and later we received a call from the jury of ‘Solutions private limited’ where our Polki set design was selected and awarded as the Best design.”

Gojwari explained “Our major focus since the past year has been on Polki Jewellery where we have worked extremely hard to make exemplary designs in the same. What sets us apart from others is that We address the basic apprehension of the customers, about the low buyback in such kinds of designer wear. As a brand, we assure a buyback for our customers. As mentioned before, even in current trends, delivering fine and unique quality shall thrive us.”

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