Ama Saeb, the mystic

He was a man of noble character
Ama Saeb, the mystic
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The people of Yaroo, Langate are well aware of the blessings and miracles of this towering mystic - Hazrat Ama Saeb (RA). His father’s name was Abdul Rahim. Due to the ignorance, and a way too simple attitude towards life, none, in those days, bothered about documenting the date of birth. However, it is assumed that this mystic was born in 1906 at Yaroo, Langate, in district Kupwara, J&K. He was from a well off family. His father, a barber by profession, had a good landholding. Economically the family was thus very sound. Hazrat Ama Saeb was the only brother among his sisters, so he was brought up with great care. In addition to teaching the Qur’an, his father taught Gulistan and Bostan to his son. He also got normal education upto the seventh grade.

Ama Saeb was a man of noble character. After giving up school life, he started doing some housework. He was very much interested to continue his father's profession, and also feed cattle. Meanwhile, his marriage was solemnised with a virtuous woman of Ganai Hammam, Baramulla. Thus Ama Saeb was completely engaged in his domestic life. After some time, a daughter was born to him. But as fate would have it, his daughter and wife died very soon. The world of Ama Saeb was turned upside down. But this tragedy changed him in some strange way. As if Allah dedicated Ama Saeb to Himself; much like Hazrat Sheikh Nooruddin Wali. Now Ama Saeb detested the material world.

Two years passed by, and this feeling increased. His father began to worry, and started to look for his treatment. First, Ama Saeb was almost chained and put in a dark room. Later he was treated by doctors. But nothing helped. All doctors labelled him as a hopeless case. One day the spiritual mentor of his father, Hazrat Shams-ud-Din Pandali, came to the house of Haji Mukhtar Lone in the neighbouring village, Wadipora. As soon as his father heard this news, he took Ama Saeb to him. Hazrat Shams ud Din Pandali told his father to leave Ama Saeb to the mercy of Allah. Afterwards, Ama Saeb was taken to a famous dervish of Baramulla. The darvish realized his spiritual spark and he too advised to leave him to the mercy of Allah. Then his father stopped interfering in his Qalandarana traits. In this way Hazrat Ama Saeb started his mystical journey.

Afterwards, this mystic meditated under the spiritual sky. He always wore a long-sleeved torn kurta. He stayed in Sangrama, and Rafiabad, and thousands benefited from him. It is said that he later went to Lolab through Kandi. Meditated on the lofty snowcapped mountains, and in dense forests for months.

He is reported to have meditated inside the cave khankah of Shahnagri. He used to stay hungry and thirsty for long periods. In the first period he used to eat by himself but later he stopped eating and drinking with his own hands. However, he would take a morsel or two, when other's served him with their hands.

He was so familiar with what was happening around him, as if someone told him about it from unseen. Once a woman came to his darbaar. Ama Saeb was sleeping. She waited for some time, and returned very disappointed. Before leaving she handed over three eggs to the cook. The cook consumed two. When Qalandar woke up, the cook offered one egg to him. He threw the egg out of the window and said in a bitter tone: “Where there are two eggs, there is a third one.” The cook was ashamed and repented.

Ama Saeb passed away on December 30, 1968, at the age of 62. He was buried in the compound of the masjid sharief at Yaroo, Langate. High ranking officers loved and revered him and participated in his Nimaz e Jinazah along with the people of the locality.

Innumerable miracles are attributed to this mystic; certain things are simply beyond explanation. Once when the Jhelum was in flood, he jumped into the river near the Cement Bridge, Baramula. Surprisingly he came out of the raging waters in perfect safety.
The home of this great sufi at his birth place, Yaroo Langate, and the place were he used to meditate still exist. But the blessed house of this mystic is crumbling. Even today hundreds of devotees throughout the length and breadth of the valley visit the resting place of Hazrat Ama Saeb RA. But the shrine too is in a pitiable condition. The shrine needs immediate repairs. There is also a free kitchen feeding visitors. One may see men, women, and children, poor and rich, sharing the same plate of rice. Gh Mohammad Hajam, a noble man, and a close kin of Ama Saeb, manages the things as caretaker of the shrine.

Khursheed Dar is a teacher.

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