National Hand Surgery Day

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23rd August is observed as Hand Surgery Day in India. Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand, ISSH, was founded on this very day in the year 1973. ISSH has about 800 Indian and international members who are practicing as Hand Surgeons. The members are observing Hand Surgery day by spreading awareness about early management of hand injuries in order to prevent disability after hand injury.

This is being done through the Presidential theme of 2021, ‘IEC - Information, Education, Communication’ by the President of ISSH, Dr Ravi Mahajan from Amritsar.

“Millions of people across the country become victims of hand injuries, especially factory workers. Due to lack of awareness and proper treatment, the injury often leads to disability. This can have a deep impact on an individual’s life and can hinder participation in social, family, and vocational activities. Prompt first-aid and appropriate handling of the wound can however prevent the loss,” says Dr Mahajan.

ISSH members are organizing activities in their local region to spread a simple message to all those involved in the care of the injured hand. It is, observation of the three major steps that can play a pivotal role in preventing permanent damage to the hand. These include: Decontamination, Splinting and Prevention of edema. Early consultation with a competent hand surgeon is also an important part of the treatment process. Through ISSH members from all the states of India the message is expected to reach the industrial workers, farmers and rural medical officers to prevent permanent impairment.

Any health care worker or any victim of hand injury can find a hand surgeon near them by accessing ‘Find a Hand Surgeon’ feature on the official website of ISSH,

ISSH aims to make a difference in the outcome of Hand Injuries through this campaign and many more top come in future.

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