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SSM College of Engineering has contributed a lot to technical education

A university stands for humanism, for tolerance, for reason, for the adventure of ideas and for the search for truth. When Vishwabharati University was established, Rabindranath Tagore expressed similar ideas. Education that provides special practical knowledge of skills and technology is known as technical education. It is altogether different from general education and it promotes independent & self-learning. It tunes the student effectively and increases their potential by all means. These universities should be given top most priority as it encourages the aspirants to come out with their potential and utilize that for the benefit of humanity. In addition, it improves the quality of living standard and if a country has enough of its skilled manpower, it will not depend on other nations.

SSM College of Engineering was established primarily with a unique aim to produce quality technical manpower in the region and from the last two decades it has been serving the society sincerely. One of our Ex-Director Prof Rajat Gupta said that, “after every second students, third one is from SSM College”. Be it for PG Programme or Ph.D Programa and for that matter, be it employment in NIT Srinagar. It started during the turmoil, survived the pulls and pressures of the turbulence. It played a vital role in building a peaceful and prosperous region. Thousands of its alumni are serving abroad and tens of thousands of families are beneficiaries. I know children of many of my colleagues have received education from this prestigious institution and I believe that this house of wisdom will continue to benefit us, our children and to their children.

Till 2015, this region was only having one technical institution (REC Srinagar) where the admission was at National Level. It was rarest of rare to find an engineer over here and it was difficult to find an Engineering College. One retired Chief Engineer while narrating his story of entering Anamali University for receiving B. E degree in early sixties was awesome. Thus, the contributions of the institution need to be recognized and if there is any dispute, it needs to be resolved with the management amicably. This intuition can meet the escalating demands of growing society and can contribute to the progress and prosperity of the society, as it has been groomed by eminent personalities like Prof. Wakhloo and of late is being headed by one of my bright student Dr. Sajad. Technology and industry are the primary requirements to battle poverty and unemployment and I believe it will help to address both the crucial issues.

The author is teaching Nanotechnology at NIT Srinagar

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