Thinking Person’s Game

Celebrating and cheering for winners in a game is a great way to show support and sportsmanship. Whether it’s a team or an individual, positive encouragement can boost morale and create a positive atmosphere. So, go ahead and cheer for the winners, applaud their achievements, and enjoy the excitement of the game! But do not shout slogans that hurt anyone, countrymen.

Seven students were booked under UAPA in Ganderbal for raising anti-national slogans during the recent concluded World Cup final. Later J&K Police dropped the charge and everybody hailed the compassionate gesture of Police.


I covered the incident for Greater Kashmir from day one and I could gauge that authorities were also concerned about the future of these seven students.

It was really a positive and compassionate decision made by the Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police (DGP) Rashmi Ranjan Swain and other officers, including Inspector General of Police Vidhi Kumar Birdi, DIG Central Kashmir Sujit Kumar, and SSP Ganderbal, in response to requests from parents. This decision was instrumental in safeguarding the future of seven students who had qualified for the prestigious NEET examination and reached the SKUSAT campus.

The fact that the authorities took a lenient view and paid heed to the concerns of the parents is commendable. It reflects a compassionate approach and a willingness to consider individual circumstances. The emphasis on understanding and addressing the needs of the students shows a positive approach of J&K Police.

We must hope that such compassionate gestures will be appreciated and taken in high esteem by the youth, especially students, in the future. This can contribute to fostering a positive relationship between the authorities and the community, encouraging open communication, and preventing situations where individuals, particularly students, face undue challenges. Acknowledging the efforts made by the police officers can also promote a sense of trust and cooperation between the community and law enforcement agencies.

This is not the first time when controversy on such dates has not erupted. There have been instances when the students were jailed. There is need to introspect and chanting slogans is not a good sign.
Cricket is a global sport, and major tournaments like the ICC Cricket World Cup bring together people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. It becomes a global celebration where fans from different countries unite in their love for the game.

In the realm of sports, playing the game and playing it well means more than just showcasing physical prowess. It encompasses the mental aspects of the game, strategic thinking, and the ability to adapt to different situations. A skilled player not only excels in their individual performance but also contributes to the overall success of the team. It involves fair play, sportsmanship, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

The spirit of watching cricket, like any sport, encompasses a combination of enthusiasm, enjoyment, and appreciation for the game. Cricket is not just a sport; it’s a cultural phenomenon in many parts of the world.

Play the game and play it well is a phrase that can be interpreted in various contexts, including sports, life, or work.

No doubt cricket fans are known for their passionate support of their favorite teams and players. The excitement and energy in the stadium or among friends and family while watching a match can be infectious.

Cricket is a game that requires a unique set of skills – batting, bowling, and fielding. Watching exceptional displays of skill, whether it’s a perfectly timed cover drive, a lethal bouncer, or an acrobatic catch, is a key aspect of enjoying the game.

Cricket is a thinking person’s game. Understanding the strategies employed by captains, the tactical decisions made by players, and the ebb and flow of the game adds a layer of intellectual engagement for viewers.

Many cricket fans are fiercely loyal to their favorite teams. The camaraderie among fans, the banter between supporters of rival teams, and the sense of belonging to a cricketing community contribute to the overall spirit of the game.

Watching cricket often becomes a social event. Friends and families come together to enjoy matches, share the highs and lows of the game, and create lasting memories. Cricket is deeply ingrained in the social fabric of many communities.

Controversies during cricket matches among friends can be common, and they often revolve around subjective matters, personal biases, and emotional attachments to specific teams or players.
There can be disagreements over umpire decisions, especially if it seems like a crucial decision went against one’s favorite team. Acknowledge that umpires can make mistakes, and it’s a part of the game. Discussing decisions calmly and understanding differing perspectives can help diffuse tension.

There can be debates over the performance of specific players, team selection, or strategies. Everyone has their favorite players and opinions on team strategies. Respect diverse viewpoints, and try to have a constructive discussion rather than turning it into a heated argument.

Instances of controversial on-field incidents, such as a disputed catch or a close call can also be there. But we have to understand that cricket is a game with human judgment involved. Agree to disagree on certain moments and move forward, focusing on the overall enjoyment of the game.

While watching cricket, we must encourage friendly banter but be mindful not to cross boundaries. Ensure that the banter remains good-natured and doesn’t escalate into a confrontation that will mar future of anybody.

We must be sensitive to the seriousness of such issues. Focus on the match at hand and avoid letting off-field controversies dominate the conversation. To navigate these controversies, it’s essential to maintain a sense of sportsmanship, respect differing opinions, and prioritize the enjoyment of the game over personal biases. Friendly discussions can enhance the overall experience of watching cricket
with friends.

Cricket is often referred to as the thinking person’s game due to its strategic nature, complex rules, and the mental skills required to excel.
Cricket involves intricate strategies and tactics. Team captains and players take decisions based on the state of the game, the condition of the pitch, the strengths and weaknesses of opponents, and the
specific skills of their own team members.

Cricket offers different formats, such as Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 (T20) matches. Each format requires a unique approach and strategy, demanding players to adapt their skills and mindset accordingly.

(The author is senior staffer Greater Kashmir)

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