Vitriolage, A cataclysm

Vitriolage, A cataclysm
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Maria Altaf

Beauty is not to be made catastrophic. So oil of vitrol also known as sulphuric acid is the most commonly used acid for this aim.

Commercial sulphuric acid is usually brown or dark in colour. It causes superficial burns after only one second of contact and full thickness burns after 30 seconds. Vitroliage is the intentional throwing of acid especially sulphuric acid on the face of young girl who refuses a sweet proposal of a guy. According to forensic medicine and the medico legal review regarding vitroilage ,it is exemplified in category of grievous hurt.

According to Indian penal code section 320 A grievous hurt is any hurt which endangers life or which causes the sufferer to be during the space of 20 days in sever bodily pain or unable to follow his ordinary pursuits.

People being more educated and knowledgeable with a trump card of living in an era of science and technology should have got the point that there is no gain in destroying someone's beauty just because she spurned you.

Instead of rapid decline, there is almost 10 percent rise in such cases, when particularly talk about Kashmir only.

Does it hit a guy's conceit that he is being rejected ?why isn't he ready to accept that she also has her picks.

She has a pure right to choose her partner.

Making someone permanently disfigured, disable for the rest of the life isn't a solution to your problem. These chemical injuries cause a type of tissue destruction which is unparalleled by any other form of injury or trauma-Melts and destroys all tissues and even blood vessels. Any attempts at plastic and reconstructive surgery are almost completely thwarted. So I request every person to take a special note that doing this act is tearing down someone's dreams and Goals.

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