Gagging the voice

The recent turn of events in Kashmir has been just alarming. The common people were held hostage and traumatized with in the four walls of their homes as curfew was imposed with shoot at sight orders...

The recent turn of events in Kashmir has been just alarming. The common people were held hostage and traumatized with in the four walls of their homes as curfew was imposed with shoot at sight orders in place. What we are witnessing is dismal. The main roads of Srinagar city are barricaded with barbed razor wires and several feet tall tin sheets. The forces are found in large numbers in every nook and corner and the whole valley has been converted into a garrison. The external economic blockade by the hooligans at the behest of government and with the help of army's inaction on national highway is extended to internal economic squeeze by imposing indefinite curfew. There has been an acute shortage of medicines, baby food products and essential commodities in the valley. People were made to starve with infants and children bearing the brunt. People who came out to get milk during curfew for little ones are treated with bullets, brutal example of which was seen in Dalgate area, the father son duo were shot from close range near their residence killing the 65-year old man on the spot while the son was left to die on the street after firing volley of bullets. What can be more brutal, that the 6month baby was not even spared when forces rattled into a house to beat people for protesting? The script writer of a block buster film would not have written more horrified script then this to depict the terror in this valley of oppression.
People in need of medical care especially cancer patients on chemotherapy and radiotherapy protocol, dialysis etc that ought to get the treatment as per schedule were refused; even pregnant women were not spared during curfew. Not to talk of children, young, old all are suffering at the hands of these so called champions and protectors of human rights.
The professionals (doctors, paramedical staff, nurses, journalists, red-cross workers, human right relief activist) who even at the time of warfare are exempted and allowed to perform their professional duties are being harassed and stopped from doing their duty. The troopers did not even acknowledge the curfew passes   given to these professionals by the administrative authorities. What worst example of human rights violation is needed by the world to wake up? The scores of people who came out on the streets demanding their rights non-violently and democratically are felled like logs of wood by bullets fired from all directions, even the injured in these protests are not spared. Instances of firing on them in ambulances and emergency wards are norms of these Indian forces to bring so called peace in this region.
Not to forget that this fresh spate of Human Rights violation is the reaction to the unprecedented roar of the people to get their voices heard world over. Till now for over 60 years, India has beaten all record of violation in the form of numerous Abu-gharibs unidentified, nameless graves, disappeared persons, custodial killings, fake encounters, rape and arson. In short all means are used to wipe out the people living in this unfortunate state.
What is happening in Kashmir in the name of a so called democracy is alarming. The need of the hour is that world bodies like UN, Europian Union, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch should come up with better idea to reign in this state so as to protect millions of people who are suffering in this region of world. The UNCHR by taking notice of recent events that has transpired in spite of all efforts by Indian government to shield their acts is not enough. People demand a respectable life which is their right and that is what has been denied them in this part of the world.

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