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BJP has mastered the art of disruption politics. And why not? Anyone in their place will do the same. In a bid to gain support, they are trying the same old trick of opposing everything. After all...

BJP has mastered the art of disruption politics. And why not? Anyone in their place will do the same. In a bid to gain support, they are trying the same old trick of opposing everything. After all opposing is what makes an opposition true to its name.  BJP members have taken up the mission of creating blocks in the process of a political settlement on Kashmir. The problem is not with them alone, but with all such groups or individuals who embrace an ideology after compromising on sense. The difference is only in the  denominations, the approach stays same. Christian evangelists or Hindu bigots or Muslim fanatics – the language of a radical follows the same pattern.

BJP's recent strike call in Jammu against the `sops' offered to Kashmir is a cheap political gimmick which does not even merit to be talked about. Their way of earning a vote bank is now making them stretch all limits of lunacy. The eight-point package generated different responses from far and wide. Some hailed it as a good beginning and some others dismissed it as a hollow move to mislead Kashmiris once again. The reality, as always, lay somewhere in the middle. It of course wasn't a path-breaker that could have played a decisive role in settling down the dispute. But that said, it could have been taken as a small, though insignificant, move to be discussed the brighter side of. BJP markets religion and region in the guise of politics.

Similarly they fought their own members in the All Party Delegation who volunteered themselves to meet the separatists in Kashmir. Being the part of the delegation they could not come clean on the issue of meeting separatists or not. That is what expedient politics teaches. Let things happen and then make a hole-picking to do down your rivals.

Their isolation may sound `majestic' to them as they are not seen subscribing to any such move that helps break the stalemate. But essentially these are nothing but temper tantrums of a party that finds hard to reconcile their being out of power.

They are even apprehensive about a `game plan' under which Kashmiri candidates have been `allowed' to qualify Civil Services. They need investigations into this also. It's not only the mindset of an ordinary slogan raiser in the street. Their policy-makers in the parliament are no different. No one expects them to stamp a blind and unquestionable endorsement on any and every statement. But at least one would hope to see some sense in how they choose to respond to a particular situation. Frenzy, no doubt, makes the basic ingredient of this rabble-rousing, but once overdone, it loses the bite. No one wants an acrimony to be created between Jammu and Kashmir. Though the issue of discrimination can be taken up logically. A dispassionate analysis into the subject of regional disparity can throw a surprise invalidating a pre-loaded prejudice one region harbors against the other. That is a matter of in-depth investigation. It can't be buried under the noise of a bogus patriotism which pits region against region. 

Their recent uproar in the assembly is the part of same campaign to agitate and disrupt.  Political leanings apart, people with a mind of their own, do see Kashmir as a problem. If a Home Minister calls it `unique' which, to him too, needs a `unique' solution, it doesn't shake the foundations of a country like India. If BJP stages a dharna in the assembly against chief minister, they must take it to parliament  against the home minister himself.  A blind and irrational rejection of certain hard facts can only deepen the divide. India has lessons to learn from those who fell to the trap of fanatic politics. Pakistan's ship-wreck must have been India's sea-mark. But the way things are shaping up indicate the reverse. Courtesy BJP.

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