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Voters in Delhi have shown that there are limits to tolerate the arrogance of the powerful. They gave 67 seats to Aam Adami Party and three to Bhartiya Janta Party.

Voters in Delhi have shown that there are limits to tolerate the arrogance of the powerful. They gave 67 seats to Aam Adami Party  and  three to Bhartiya Janta Party.

Countless interpretations have come forth  in the aftermath of the polls  that have surprised even the victors, and they are unable to understand how to handle this landslide of the momentous nature in the polls.

These kind of landslides used to be the hallmark of the  referendums that dictators used to  hold under their control. But rarely it has been seen  in a democracy. There was a landslide verdict in favour of Congress in 1984 and  BJP was reduced to two seats in Lok Sabha.

The circumstances were different. The elections were held immediately after the assassination of Indira Gandhi and her son Rajiv Gandhi was seen as  Mr. Clean  by the electorate. That time, it was an emotional response  of the voters across the country.

This time in the union capital, it was something different. The voters  knew what they were doing. IF any wave was being talked about, it was the Modi wave which had worked for the BJP in the national elections last year, followed by the  victories in Haryana, Maharashtra and also in part in Jammu and Kashmir.

Once it comes to figuring out why AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal  was so successful  in the polls in February 2015, the  measuring  scale has to be  seen as arrogance versus humility.  

The party in power at the Centre  thought that whatever it may do would work, but didn't realize that the things can go wrong. India is a mature democracy and  the people  in this country know their rights.  The  RTI and the social media has empowered them. The people want delivery now.

 The grandstanding  has a short span of appeal. It doesn't last for ever. There has to be some substance.

A globally known fact is that India is a big country with big ideas  and big population, the number of religions, languages, places and  ways of living are  mainstay of its diversity.

This diversity is its strength, and if any one thinks that  the country would be  drawn in one colour, then he or she is badly mistaken. This is relevant  for the whole country and the parts that constitute it.  No majority can succeed without minorities.

This is a fact of life for all  parts of the country. No state or  place can escape from this very fact  of life. Homogeneity  doesn't work  in a country like  India or in any of its parts.

There is a need for introspection  at all levels. Jammu and Kashmir should reflect on the mandate  that has come in Delhi.  

A big  message is  there for all to read. Delhi's voters think differently, they vote differently, their issues are different, their emotions and political preferences are not  mirrored in this state, but one thing is common that nothing matters more than the basic amenities. For survival, everyone needs water, electricity, food and roads and  clean air.  

These are the universal issues  and it doesn't matter whether one lives in Delhi or Kashmir, and if the diversity is to be respected, it is a statement of fact for Delhi, U.P. Bihar, West Bengal and as much for  Jammu and Kashmir. Secluded zones and  sole focus on  a particular  section.

Jammu and Kashmir is in dire need of soothing words and  action. That is missing. It needs to be understood that  the things cannot be prolonged for eternity.  

Some beginning has to be made somewhere and these beginnings should have a time frame for  their logical conclusion too. Keeping things hanging in air maybe  useful in politics for  sometime, in essence to gauge the  weight of the camp of the future ally and the opposition, but when it  starts giving a sense of  fatigue, the politics and the players start losing relevance as well.

There is a search for change.

BJP that was playing a card on the basis of its proud moment of being in power at the Centre and the leverages that it has  failed to gauge the mood of Delhi electorate. Kashmir is  a complex puzzle. Its pieces rarely fall in a  place. Simply put, these  cannot be easily read.

It is a place where the rulers have conducted so many experiments  and  at the end of the day found that nothing works.  A simple, straight and  sincere approach would  be worth trying, that would be departure from the past. Kashmir needs to breathe afresh. It needs fresh air.  

BJP should have provided it  by now and  not shackled itself by  the self created misperceptions. After all, the party is going to rule  at the Centre till the next general elections and  who knows that it may be back again, given the disarray in the  opposition and the kind of decimation that  Congress has suffered  since last year.  

Congress is  in a state of constant decline or what some prefer to call  a free fall.  That is the  result of arrogance. BJP should know that it is better always  to be humble  in politics  and instead of seeking to dictate terms, it should  learn the art of mutual understanding.  

A beginning in Kashmir can offer it a spotlight, a positive one across the world. It needs to show that it has the political will and capacity to work  out great things.

This greatness comes  not from the number of votes or seats  but from the  steps that  ultimately help the larger interest that it wants to achieve for the nation of India.

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