Bumpy road ahead

Now that we have a new government in place, but there is a tough task ahead for them. Problems are too grave to be taken lightly.
Bumpy road ahead
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Now that we have a new government in place, but there is a tough task ahead for them. Problems are too grave to be taken lightly. 

One challenge is to make functional the new administrative units.  In 2014, more than 659 administrative units were created by the coalition government of NC and Congress. These units include tehsils, Niabuts and subdivisions.

To make them functional, the new government will have to arrange for their staff and finance. Since the state has meagre resources and its treasuries are short of funds to pay the existing employees, the government may face tough time in making them functional.

Two, is the growing population of unemployed but educated youth. As per official records, this unemployed workforce is more than seven lakh.

These educated people have to be employed. True, the government can not employ all of them but should provide some means of livelihood to them. We do not have a well established private sector in the state. We have only a huge network of private schools but even they can not engage every unemployed person.  

These citizens can not be left to fend for themselves. The government is duty-bound to see them working and contributing to the state economy. So it has to accept this challenge. And come up with a special policy to engage this work force.  For that private sector is the best alternative.

The third is a massive disease of corruption which pervades at all levels. It includes not only bribery but also favoritism, nepotism and blackmailing. It is no secret that these all forms of corruption are rampant in our system.

From applying for a ration card to seeking a state subject certificate, corruption guides the behavior and affects the decision making of our administration from top to bottom. A five minute piece of work is done in months.  And every one from a peon to an officer is involved in the menace.

The malady of corruption is the biggest hurdle in the progress and prosperity of the state. It is because of corruption that public funds get misused. It is because of corruption that development works are delayed. Yes, we have some anti- corruption devices like Public Service Guarantee Act, State Accountability Commission and Vigilance organization.

But they seem to have lost force and relevance. In their presence, corruption has not even come down; stopping it is a distant dream.

And then are the social crimes. Rape, murder, sexual harassment, scams and scandals are almost a routine now.  This trend, the government will have to handle wisely and appropriately.

Four, the state is facing the worst ever financial crisis. This has been admitted by the Governor and he even wrote to the union ministry to help the state out of the crisis. The PDP- BJP coalition has to address the crisis on priority basis to bring relief to the people.

One step can be installing CCTVs in public places and in offices. The guilty of any form of corruption should be punished publicly. Political interference in administrative matters should end.   New employment avenues can be opened to check the unemployment rate. 

(Sheikh Shabir is a teacher at Govt High School, Okay- Kulgam)
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