Editorial: Climate matters

Ecuadorian Amazon rain forest. Image credit: Dallas Krentzel/ Wikipedia
Ecuadorian Amazon rain forest. Image credit: Dallas Krentzel/ Wikipedia

When it is said that injustice anywhere in the world amounts to injustice everywhere in the world, it is not just playing with words, or creating good sounding rhymes. It is what the humans have learnt through experience.

In a similar way crisis anywhere in the world result in the crisis everywhere in the world. We have seen it how in some far off places of the world when something goes wrong – be that in politics, economy, or society – it travels, sooner or later, to all parts of the world.

In the present world of economic integration, if one market experiences an upheaval the tremors are felt  in the entire world. Similarly, if there is violence in any part of the world, global politics gets impacted in due course of time.  Not just this, if there are crisis in the societal institutions, the effects travel far and wide, and we find people around the world talking about the problem.

The point in this all is that this world is finally one place and no matter how far or near we live to each other, we are tied to each other. What happens to a people here finally grips the people there as well. So the responsibility of the global leadership is that no crisis should be allowed to grow. In this case it is better that, in the proverbial sense, the evil is nipped in the bud. 

In today's world one of the major crises is the climate. The disturbances in this are causing great worry. Sometime back it would all sound just a debate between those who raised the alarm bells and those who thought it wall all a made up crises. But now as we see the changing weather patters, and the devastation that has happened to water bodies, to the green cover, to the air quality, we realise where we are heading. So it is time that all of us get very serious in this and contribute our bit.

In Kashmir, we are under an obligation to save our part of environment by being mindful of what we consume and how we manage our consumerist attitude. We need to have an environment friendly approach in our life, so that we save our bit, and thus contribute to the global campaign against an impending catastrophe.

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