Farooq fire against Geelani-I (COMMENT)

When Dr. Farooq Abdullah, the man privileged to have enjoyed the best when people here suffered the worst, accuses Geelani of playing with the public sentiment, what more can one say, questio...

When Dr. Farooq Abdullah, the man privileged to have enjoyed the best when people here suffered the worst, accuses Geelani of playing with the public sentiment, what more can one say, questions Hassan Zainagiri
"Geelani is single handedly responsible for the obliteration of Kashmir and its people. He has pushed people to destruction and brought them to a point where they are dying a steady but sure death….  Being at fag end of his life, he will die parroting his rigidity, but he being responsible for the miseries of the people will be held culpable for it in Almighty Allah's court. He is enjoying all sorts of luxuries including the best medical facilities. He is not bothered about the people who are not getting even the ordinary crumbs of food. Geelani who is pointing fingers at the NC today may be asked if he was not associated with the party. Wasn't he the secretary of late Molana Masoodi at the Mujahid manzil?"
(Dr. Farooq Abdullah)
 Idol's we don't keep, much lees worship them. Affiliations we don't have with any political group. Fallible souls, we have no claims of being error-free. But intentional, never. Defending one against other is not our job. To uncover reality from the warrens of deceit is our sole concern. Who gets pleased, who gets annoyed, we are least bothered about. We don't comment with watered mouths, nor with dropping shoulders. Holding Farooq in the dock never means being Geelani's advocate. Or subjecting Geelani to criticism –for which many allege I have "sinned" him more against than "sinning" __ never means getting plummeted to an all time low "Indian agent", as many Geelani zealots whacked me with. Nothing is more blasphemous than the crime of bartering the chastity of your pen, I believe. Once conscience gets soiled, truth is garroted. You lose the punch. What flows is chop-logic. Stuttered narration. Anyway, this is an independent subject and requires separate sitting. Pardon me for preening today's column with this "preface".
 'Obliteration', 'destruction', 'miseries', 'rigidity'. A usual refrain, a long spiel by Abdullah family and other NC leaders. To show how miserably credulous and terribly starved they are in their argument. In tinted blinkers they appear to pull Indian rath (cart). Surrogated they have their wombs for  political and strategic interests of Indians. The lines do speak who they speak for. Who they hold nearer. Skin of Kashmir or privileged coat of Delhi?
 In a subtle but perfidious way, the NC  patron exonerates India, a strong party, from all atrocities it committed on the people of Kashmir, vulnerably weak party. He aims at deluding Kashmiris that it is Geelani and Geelani alone who scripted destruction of Kashmir. He seems to be under the dizzy spells of Geelanio-phobia: Kunan Poshpora gang rapes or mayhems and blood baths of Guakadal, Jamia Masjid Srinagar, Handwara, Sopore, Bijbehara___ to name a few in a trail of death and destruction, Kashmiris were subjected to, after Indian Forces were empowered with unbridled power that exempted them from legal action___ all are engineered and executed by Geelani. Angelic innocence Indian Forces wear. They are "Lachmans" to protect their "Sitas" in Kashmir. It is "Ravan" Geelani that has provoked "Hanumans" to set "Lanka" in fire. Schizophrenia, I am afraid, has all greeting invites from NC waalas.
 Geelani is at point-blank range from former Chief Minister. For everything painful and traumatic Kashmiris are going through. But the question  is which magic stick he wields to push people into such killing fields? He doesn't coerce or drag anybody to be his follower. There are a number of political parties and people of different tastes join them. If Geelani is 'single handedly' responsible for all the "worst we reap", why Kashmiris not depopulate him of support? He has not descended from heaven. Unlike others, he doesn't look to Delhi or Islamabad for patronage. His is home-grown. And thanks to Indian obstinacy and insincerity, this constituency is gaining and swelling momentum as days roll by. This is but natural. When "4-points" of Musharaffian dilution in Pakistan stand on Kashmir are not reciprocated even by one point flexibility from Delhi or Hurrayats "moderate" (you are "moderate" till nothing from you disturb Indians) faction is, in the garb of talks (never say negotiations), returned empty handed and made a "vestigial organ" of the freedom movement, Kashmiris lap with Geelani and sail with him. They acknowledge him as a leader who has not let them down.
 If Geelani is "extremist", is India 'moderate'? And does "extremism" emanate from giving tongue to people's aspiration and being religiously committed with the blood of martyrs? We may hurl a stone or two of "pragmatism" on Geelani's head for his sticking to UN resolution. But whence has Delhi given up 'integral part' leitmotif? We believe only negotiated settlement, not military solution, is the only liable option for settling Kashmir problem. But Indian approach of addressing the issue has so far been, as we have a bitter experience, breaking will of people through, military might and win "legitimacy" through "democratic" process. It is status-quoistic approach. To make Kashmiris submit to Delhi. How can people who have invested so heavenly in blood, honor, tears and trauma, (nearly one lac people were killed in 18 year old resistance movement against Delhi's rule) reconcile to this stance of arrogance? Thus, it is from this bullying posture of Delhi Geelani's political stature gets enhanced, weaning away even "moderate" voices to his fold.
–To be concluded
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