Human pain and suffering!

Sabr, Shukr and Dhikr are crucial during hard times – Patience, Gratitude, and Remembrance of the Lord
Human pain and suffering!
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Are you one of those who are always facing challenges and suffering setbacks in life? Do you sometimes feel that universe is out to get you? Do you wonder why life is so unfair to you, and end up feeling depressed?

Back in winter, after prolonged lockdown, I was in university with my mate, Ronak. Suddenly a young beautiful girl appeared in front of us. She was our old friend, Sehrish, who we hadn’t seen since last year. Over lunch, we refreshed our old memories and talked about career, family and hobbies. During this entertaining chat, Sehrish made an abrupt screams with a tinge of terror; she ceased to communicate, was unable to stand, and slipped into unconsciousness. Everyone started staring at her in the cafeteria. After a few minutes, she regained consciousness and we left, but my natural curiosity led me to question her. She paused for a moment, and then replied “I’m having a run of bad luck”. We were surprised by her response as we didn’t think of her as someone who’d believe in luck. She always appeared to be hardworking girl with zeal and confidence. She told that she couldn’t qualify NEET even after giving her best in two attempts and this failure has made her life miserable. Her personal life wasn’t great either. She was taking anti-depressants and was completely shattered with no ray of hope.

Suffering is one of the realities of our life. Pain of hardship varies and different people are tested in different ways. Some people suffer from illness, disability, failure, struggle for job, hunger, poverty, divorce, or death. Some people suffer out of heartbreak, guilt, humiliation, anxiety, frustration, self pity, loneliness, hatred, rejection. Some may suffer because of moral dilemmas or lack of meaning in life. Going through these painful times and living through them is mentally and emotionally draining.

In a recent tragic incident in Budgam, where an innocent soul died, was indeed, one of the devastating setbacks to the family I have ever seen in my life. (May Allah SWT increase their patience, and may the departed soul rest in peace).

My own family had largely escaped from death and setbacks. My mother often says “death followed us everywhere”. She lost her father, her brother, her sister and then her nephew at a very young age.

Grief, especially when a number of misfortunes occur at the same time, take us from patience to restlessness and evil thoughts; these misfortunes are tests. Sabr, shukr and dhikr are crucial during hard times. Misfortunes will always occur as this is the nature of world. Coming to terms with reality makes it easier in dealing with misfortunes. Grief over hard times is ok as this should motivate you to get closer to Allah. Never have the expectations that all desires must be met, as you are challenging Allah (swt) with the false belief that you know what is best for you. Allah knows better than you and is the all knowing. Knowing that things don’t always work out should never be an excuse for you not to try in the first place. Those who are closest to Allah are tested the most; these misfortunes will further raise their status and increase their patience. For our pain, for our suffering, Allah has a plan. He has a plan and he will accomplish it, and he has fixed a time for it as well, meaning that suffering isn’t going to be everlasting either. Be conscious of Allah and fear him, and he will provide for you and make a way out for you.

“Adversity plays a vital role in growth and greatness. Be thankful for the time you had, embrace the memories, good or bad. When things get tough remember after difficulty, there is ease!”

Let me tell you; just don’t give up on your dream and goal, if the circumstances try to bring you down, just keep struggling! You may feel worthless or unimportant but you are important, just don’t quit! Everything happens for a reason! I promise you can change your life. Don’t give up!

Azra Shakeel is a law student Kashmir University.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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