The politics of sadism

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere---------------Martin Luthar King Centuries ago a cruel Hindu ruler Mihirakula ruled Kashmir. The despotic king susceptible to ...

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
—————Martin Luthar King

 Centuries ago a cruel Hindu ruler Mihirakula ruled Kashmir. The despotic king susceptible to savagery used to derive pleasure from the cries and wails of victims , human  and animal alike. Once, the king was traveling through the Pir Panchal mountain pass with his army and other paraphernalia when suddenly an elephant tumbled across and slid down into the ravine. The king could not resist himself (and in expression of allegiance  his entire entourage too) burst in laughter.  Hilarious, the king ordered for more elephants to be forced down the mountain. Till his sadistic instincts attained saturation, a hundred of tuskers, young and old, male and female, were sucked into the jaws of death.
 The mortal remains of the tyrant king might be untraceable, but his mind drugging devices have survived the prescription value. Witness the jingoisticaly hilarious mood of the Indians in the backdrop of Prashant Bhushan's innocuous unprovocative statement. For them Kashmir is a laughing club where many terrible ailments afflicting them get cured. In the deep ravine of AFSPA regime they see the 'collective conscience of the nation' gets 'satisfied'. They believe unless many bipeds are rolled down the precipice to bring a panoramic spectacle, the demands of phallic nationalism are not completed. The entire masculinity of Indian state it seems is defined by Kashmir. With Kashmir not tethered to Indian fold, they  fear India is losing its machismo.
 They say high point of religious bigotism is fascism and the high point of liberalism is anarchism. The situation takes a dangerous twist when both extremes blend. The opposite conflicting ideological strands might remain at daggers drawn with each other in other states of India, In Kashmir, however, they get fastened in a deadened spiral, Antithesis to the secular and democratic credentials of India. Instantaneously their hands stretch  for  holster, in red rage. Competing in Mihirakulan pleasure-giving skills. 
 After all  what havoc did Prashant wreak that erupted the Indians into chain reaction of rage, rancor and retaliation. The poor fellow has only called for looking and treating Kashmiris through the prism of humanity, if not equality. This time he has been cautiously circumspect in not repeating the "mea-culpa" of 2011 where he, casting himself  in the robes of Arundhati  Roy, advocated plebiscite for people of Kashmir. He has, after being thrashed by communalist lumpens, backed out from the statement. The supreme court advocate and Aam Aadmi Party leader last week in an interview called for asking Kashmiris whether or not they are happy in continuation of AFSPA. A democratic course within the ambit of Indian constitution. A question not questioning the territory claim of India (how he could have after he was chased by hounds all around) but purely confined to internal security of a land which continues to pant for breath under the jackboots of army and other forces and where it is officially admitted that there are no more than 150 militants operating. Leave pro-resistance camp alone, pro-accession Delhi loyalist political groups too have been persistently demanding revocation of the draconian law. Prashant had leavened the demand with a democratic flavor. Simply  put he has asked : if army (intoxicated by AFSPA to the extent of impunity from court accountability) projected as 'security' force is deployed in Kashmir for "safeguarding life and honor" of Kashmiri people it is obvious they would vouch  for its retention and protest against exposing them to "threats of life". But it was too much asking for Indians. Not only the trident wielders who only love to flex bulldozing majority and military muscle, the suave sophisticated polite, cultured class of politicians and thinkers in secular robes all with jumped adrenalin went to throttle Bhushan down.  To level the field , of insanity. He provided them a valuable vent through which they can vomit out the stink so as to drown Kashmiris under it.  In doing so, the collective mindset of the Nation India and its moral hygiene stands revealed . They have brought home not-so-hidden reality that in valorization of violence they are obsessed with. They celebrate the pain of Kashmiris , in whatever form it is inflicted , in militarization of the land with over seven lakh troops, snatching their water resources through NHPC's East India Company exploitative probosis, attempts in changing demography, erosion of article 370, creating a parallel authority of Shrine Board,Curbing political dissent and caging leaders.
 Never  once a feeble protest was witnessed across Madhavpur at the culling of the genuine sentiments in what THEY call 'integral part of India'
 Needless to say the howling and screaming across ideological and political spectrum revealed what Delhi always refuses admitting, the  military hold of Kashmir. But kashmiris need not to dilate their lungs to showcase their haplessness, bemoan their subjugation. It is from there affidavits in reams come signed testified the moment siege of Kashmir is lifted a normal human being will evolve to life. Frightened to face that situation , Darbar has improvised  Gauntonomian Bay mind and body controlling devices tampered with electoral theatrics. they do not reconcile a Kashmir with passions, aspirations, sentiments. They are geography fixated. A Kashmiri brings repulsion and sends them in convulsion. Absolutely reflective in the growling of the anchors and rented generals of the Indian news channels.  Kashmirophobia has engulfed Indians. And that fear has swallowed Kashmir. It is time India gets exorcised of the ghost so that Kashmir can have a sigh of relief.

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