In Pictures: Almond Bloom at Badamvaer Heralds Arrival of Spring

Spread over 300 kanals of land, Badamvaer, which has been at the centre of local folklore, presents a surreal experience during spring. Photo: Mubashir Khan/ GK
From white to violet to purple to yellow, the changing colours of blooming almonds have thousands of local and outside visitors flocking the garden in the spring season. Photo: Mubashir Khan/ GK
Men in traditional kashmiri attire with facemasks and hand gloves serve Kehwa (Traditional Kashmiri tea) in Samovars (Kashmiri kettle). Photo: Mubashir Khan/ GK
The garden once hosted hundreds of people across the Valley in March of 1958 during the Bakshi Ghulam Muhammad’s rule. Photo: Mubashir Khan/ GK
Stalls of various kashmiri street food were set-up at the entrance of the garden on Saturday. Photo: Mubashir Khan/ GK
Situated in the famous foothills of Koh-e-Maraan in Srinagar’s old city, Badamvaer is famous for its almond bloom. Photo: Mubashir Khan/ GK
A cultural event was held by the administration at the inaugural event of throwing the garden open to public. Photo: Mubashir Khan/ GK