In Pictures: Rickety Kashmir Roads

The road network across Kashmir, especially in the summer capital of Srinagar is in a shambles. [Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir]
Commuters fail to understand as to why the condition of roads in Kashmir worsens with every passing day despite the government allocating crores of rupees for road macadamization. [Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir]
The Roads & Buildings chief engineer Shaukat Jeelani blamed the lack of coordination between the departments including Jal Shakti and SMC for the battered condition roads. [Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir]
Besides the physical inconvenience, the dilapidated roads have also added to the risk of accidents with the drivers almost crashing into the nearby vehicle every time they try to avoid the huge potholes and bumps. [Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir]
Chief Engineer Jal Shakti Department Kashmir, Iftikhar Ahmad Wani disagreed with Jeelani over the alleged lack of coordination among departments. [Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir]
As for the blockage in the drainage system in the city, Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation, Athar Aamir Khan said they were trying to unclog the drains. [Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir]
Over the alleged lack of coordination between departments, Khan said that there is a “good coordination between the departments, however, we are working to strengthen it more.
“All the administration does is draw art and paintings on the flyover pillars, while the roads are being left in a dilapidated condition,” a commuter told Greater Kashmir.