In Pictures: Sisters Pay Tribute To Covid-19 Warriors Through Snow Sculpture

Two sisters hailing from Lasjan area on the outskirts of Srinagar chose to pay tribute to COVID-19 warriors – through snow art, by creating a ‘dummy’ of Pfizer vaccine, a stethoscope and a health worker. “We wanted to pay tribute to health volunteers and frontline workers including journalists and all the people involved in serving the society in the desperate times of COVID-19,” said Dr. Qurat-ul-ain Zohra.

Mubashir Khan/GK
Mubashir Khan/GK

Qurat-ul-ain and her sister Aiman say that the red base of their creation denotes the blood and life, which people lost due to COVID. “I’m also a member of Indian Red Cross Society, the red colour of the base is also a tribute to my colleagues and volunteers at the society,” said Quratulain.

Mubashir Khan/GK
Mubashir Khan/GK

While most people preferred to stay indoors due to the season’s heaviest snowfall from January 4, some turned it into an opportunity to express themselves through snow art. From tribute for COVID-19 warriors to making children happy, people in Kashmir transformed their energies into beautiful, happy and heart-warming snow art.

In Brane area of Nishat, Syed Waseem and all the children in his extended family decided to make an Igloo. “As the roads outside were blocked and the electricity was down, I took my kids in the lawn and started the construction of our Igloo,” said Waseem.

It took Waseem, his and his brother’s kids two days to make an Igloo, “Layer by layer, compressing snow into rectangular blocks we created our master piece. Our Igloo also passed a durability test when all the kids stood on top it for almost twenty minutes,” Waseem added.

“The happiness which came by accomplishing this task made it worth the hard-work,” said Waseem.

Amid heavy snowfall, netizens in Kashmir shared pictures of ill-equipped Power Development Department (PDD) line men and daily wagers working in extreme conditions to restore the power supply.

Pictures like these were shared by people on various social media platforms, commending line men for their work amid the snow storm conditions. Photo source: Twitter/ @Exen_PDD
At many places daily wagers and line men of PDD department were seen carrying only one ladder to climb huge poles and repair the live wires. Photo: Twitter/ @Exen_PDD
While commending the job of daily wagers and line men, people on social media criticized the power department for the lack of equipment and risking the lives of their men. Photo source: Twitter/ @Exen_PDD

Since 2010 more than 400 daily wagers and line men from PDD department have been electrocuted. While officials at the department claim to have distributed adequate equipment, the situation on the ground revealed a sordid story.